Currently playing for Milwaukee Bucks net worth $70 million. recently Signed a contact of $228 million.

1.Giannis Anteto Kounmpo 

2.Kevin Durant

broklyn Nets. His net worth is $170 million USD.

3.Stephen Curry

Playing for Golden State Warriors. His net worth is $160 million USD.

4.Nikola Jokie

Part of Denver Nuggets. Having $30 million UDA as net worth.

5.Joel Embiid

Currently playing for Philadelphia 76ers having $35million USD as net worth.

6.Jayson Tatum

Current team he is playing from is Boston Celtics. he got $25 million USD as Net worth.

7.Luka Duncic

This handsome basketballer is playing for Dallas Mavericks. His net worth is $25 million USD.

8.Le Bron James

Los Angeles Contracted his to play from their side. he is considered as  one of the expensive player among the world. having $1Billion USD in his account.

9.Kawhi Leonard

He also plays for Los Angeles. he got $80 million USD in is part. 

10.Ja Morant

recently playing for Memphis Grizzlies. His net worth is $3 million UDS.