South korea's first billion dollar grocery app collaborated with alibaba

South Korea's first grocery app which estimated a billion dollar company got Alibaba & Redmart's collaboration.

Market Kurly gets the international expansion of its market through the help of this collaboration.

The products like ready-to-eat and Ready-to-cook, frozen snacks & soba (Special Korean's food) from Gwanghwamun Mijin will be available for buyers.

Market Kurly launched 44 products at a initial stage. But Kurly's target is to provide Non-food dairy products in near future.

Sophie "market kurly's" CEO said that Lazada and Redmart's wide reach will help the company for future product rollouts.

In this beneficial collaboration Lazada aims to focus on European country Vendors for huge sale.

Alibaba express will continue its sale from China to across countries. But BABA share's has been decreased by 1.84% and $85.51 was its the last check.