Salman Rushdie Got Stabbed On His neck 

Indian Origin and author Salman Rushdie got attacked on his neck 

Salman Rushdie was in Lecture series at Chautauqua Institution where he got stabbed on his neck 15-16 TIMES in the middle of the lecture

There he was a speaker but approximately at 11 AM Et. a man (Suspected) attacked Rushdie 

Right after the attack Hadi Matar a suspected man(24) was taken into custody

But his motive is still unknown to the police as source indicated. 

But a thing that is coming into spotlight is Salman Rushdie once had given life threats from Iran

After this incident Rushdie was immediately moved to the hospital by helicopter for his severe neck injury 

But his health condition isn't publicly announced

Along with Rushdie an interviewer agency has been hospitalized due to minor head injury 

Even after this deadly incidence the UNIVERSITY president Michael hill told that...

..."I would say we take our security measure very, very seriously."

It is extimated that he lost one eye and put into the ventilator. His condition is a matter of concern