Renweable  energy

China Invested a Big Chunk ($98 Billion) & USA Also...

The growing Market of Renewable Energy shows its effects On China market so It Invested  such a massive amount on the 1st half of the year.

In this phenomenon China again invested $98 billion to capture the market and to resource its own country as well.

If we compare the investment with last year then it is spike of 128%. And it shows how important is the renewable energy is!

not just China USA invested $18 billion and Japan For $5 billion USD. Which is a massive amount. Although there is a inflation in the market.

Having a massive population ,China Invested to produce energy from the solar and wind.  This is why renewable energy got  a spike.

From the last 6 months renewable energy sector got a huge investment amount $226 billion dollars in total.

This is how China is ready to fight for its resources through renewable energy like Solar and Wind.