The Warren Buffet Of India Dies For Serious Health Conditions

Mr. Rajesh Jhunjhunwala dies at the age of 62 because of serious health conditions related to kidneys

Rajesh Jhunjhunwala was an Indian billionaire, investor and stock investor 

Just before he dies, Rajesh Jhunjhunewala had an estimated net worth of $5.5 billion as of July 2022

In 2022, he was the 36th richest man in India having the net worth of 5.5 billion 

In 2021, his biggest investment was in Titan Company that worth 7294.8 crore

He is referred as "Big bull of India', 'King of bull market', and 'India's warren buffet'

He was born on 5th July 1960 Hyderabad and died in Mumbai, Maharashtra on 14 august 2022

he married Rekha Jhunjhunwala on 22 February 1987 and got blessed with a baby girl in the year of 2004 and with twin sons in 2009

Besides, he discovered his interest in Stock markets when he saw his father discussing about the markets with his friends

His father guided him on the journey of investments and market but never gave him any money for investments

He started his investment journey in the year of 1985 having only 5,000 rupees in his hand and got the profit of 5 lacks at a time in 1986

His parents were Radheshyamji Jhunjhunwala and Urmila Jhunjhunwala

Rajesh Jhunjhunwala belonged to a Rajasthani family and was raised in Bombay

On 14 August 2022, he felt uneasiness  and got rushed to the breach candy Hospital in Mumbai

At the hospital in 6:30 morning, he was declared died for having kidney related issues and acute multiple organs failure