Racial Insensitivity in New Zealand Team: Here Is What Taylor Said

Ross Taylor has left everyone shocked by his statement in his autobiography: "Ross Taylor: Black & white"

He opened up about how he faced racism while being a top-notch batsman of New Zealand's cricket team

He stated that the game in New Zealand was "a pretty white sport" and he experienced hateful racism comments in the dressing room

Ross Taylor is a Black & white individual who has Samoan heritage on his mother's side

He also mentioned that he  "for much of his carrier he had been an anomaly a brown face in a vanilla line up"

He also mentioned that he with some other teammates also faced these issues in the cricket team

He even mentioned that it was no surprise that people sometimes mistaken him assuming a Maori or Indian

A particular statement that one of his teammate commented was

"you are a half good guy, Ross, but which half is good?"