He Won Again But This Time A Diamond

The 24 year old Olympic champion and world championships silver medalist, Neeraj Chopra is now the diamond league 2022 champion

On Thursday, Neeraj Chopra won another historic feat by becoming the first Indian to win the prestigious diamond league final

He threw a distance of 88.44m, his fourth career best, in his second attempt which which owned him the ultimate title

He has thrown 88.00m, 86.11m, 87.00m and 83.60m in his next attempt

Besides, Olympic silver medalist Jakub Vadlejah of Czech republic won the second with his best throw 86.94m in his fourth attempt

And Julian weber of Germany finished in the third place with the throw of 83.73m

Neeraj Chopra is now the Olympic champion, world championships silver medalist and diamond league champion within just 13 month