Minnesota Timberwolves Is ready to Face The Best By Adding Rudy Gobert In the Squad

There is a BIG change seen the Minnesota Timberwolves team in off season By Adding Rudy Gobert.

He Is a Defensive player of the year having 3X factor to stop the opponent. 

Team of Minnesota Timberwolves are very happy and energized for having him in the squad.

By adding Rudy monster In the Team The team has cleared its target to others. Now they are ready to Face the Best teams In the west

Minnesota Timberwolves although a big Strong team but it always boosts its power by adding New Features in it.

In this historic addition Anthony Edward agreed with the team and gave his Reaction.

He said Gobert's presence will fill the gap that we were lacking.

Timberwolves showed their power in last season by beating Los Angeles Clippers and for this..

Anthony is pretty sure to be in Conversation soon (As Best Player)

Anthony said "Yeah sure, I need another Year . After this year, I think I will be in the Conversation."

well his intension and hard work are talking. And we All Gonna see this soon.