India's one of the most popular, loved and pure festival is Janmashtami

But in this year there is a bit confusion on which date Janmashtami will fall or worshiped.

Holy priests and astrologist said that Janmashtami will be celebrated from 18th Aug 9:20 PM to 19th Aug 10:59 Am.

Its upon to you from when to start and to complete the fast.

But you need some special Puja samagri to get better result from the Fasting. (manokamna)

For Janmashtami Puja you need Lord Krishna, Chowki, Bada, Gular, pipal, Aam, Pakar Leaves.

Panchamrit, Tulsi, banana leaves, lota, secnt, Agarbati, ornaments, turmeric, color (gulal) &

pan leaves, supari, Khera, nada, rui, sindur, gangajal, garlands, most importantly bansuri

Apart all these you need a clean heart, eagerness to worship, fasting capasity and alsoi Gita to Read.