Ricky poniting said this team will win in...

India and Pakistan are the greatest rivals of all time and both of these teams are excellently strong

So, it's quite tough to predict which team will win when against each other in Asia cup 2022

But the former captain of Australia has already predicted who will be the winner in the match of India VS Pakistan

And here is what Ricky Ponting said exactly...

"It is always hard to go past India in any tournament , not just in Asia Cup but...

…I think every time we take about the T20 world cup which is coming up, I think that India will be right in think of it there."

He also said that India's depth is defiantly letter than any other teams and India is more likely to win the Asia cup 2022.

Although Pakistan is ahead of India when it's about to head-to-head clashes, still much of all time India holds an edge in Asia cup

Due to these reasons, Ponting believes that India will win against Pakistan in the match of Asia cup 2022