The founder of Adani Group mr. Gautam Adani is now heeding towards the aluminum sector.

As you know there are old school players like Aditya Birla Group and vedanta who are in the aluminum sector for years.

But Adani is now ready to invest almost $5 billion in the aluminum refinery in Odisha.  

Having the capacity of 4 million tons, It will be a huge project for both of us said by the Local Govt. BJD.

If you talk about wealth gaining, Adani left Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos far behind in the race.

Whereas Musk and Bezos lost their $12 billion and $25 billion in 2022 respectively,  

Adani gained 60.7 Billion (INR) for a new copper refinery project in Gujarat. And the refinery holds the capacity of 5 million tons.