Dinesh Kartik Or Rishabh pant: whom will India choose for T20 world cup

The world is ready for the selection procedure for their teams to get the ultimate tittle T20 World Cup 2022

Meanwhile India is facing a little difficulty in choosing in between Dinesh Kartik and Rishabh pant

T20 World Cup will be played in the month of October. So, India is in hurry to make the decision

Indian Team Management is worried because of two reasons which are...

Virat Kohli's form and performance issues And...

choosing in between two brilliant middle order batters like Rishabh pant and Dinesh Kartik

Pant's performance in 2022 has been better than Kartik as he has contributed 260 runs with an average strike rate of 135.42

Meanwhile Kartik has contributed 192 runs with an average strike rate of 133.32

But Kartik has performed crucial role in the times the team faced massive difficulties in the previous matches. 

So, it's quite difficult for Indian team management to chose in between these brilliant players