Asia cup 2022: Everything A Cricket Devotee Must know

Asia cup is the upcoming cricket tournament that everybody is waiting for but a little info about it has been spread

So here are some of the facts you have to know about Asia Cup 2022 if you are waiting for too

This tournament starts on August 27, 2022 and will continue up until September 11, 2022

6 teams will be participating for it and will lock their horns for the ultimate title

These teams are India, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh

Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuwait and UAE will play against each other to capture the 6th spot

Asia cup 2022 will be hosted by none other than Sri Lanka in UAE

There will be 2 groups for Asia Cup 2022

The group 1 holds teams like India, Pakistan and the qualifier team

And the 2nd group will include teams like Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and Bangladesh

So far India has bagged 7 Asia cups, Sri Lanka has 5 and Pakistan has 2 tittles