By Celebrating 75th Independence Day India Showed Its Growth & Prosperity As well

Not only in The field of education, defense & politics but also in health.

India shows a massive achievement in Covid Management, vaccine making, reduction in mother child fatal cases and also in polio.

There are 5 Major Missions which helped India to make it healthier year by year.

1.NEPL: National Leprosy Eradication Program. This mission started in 1983 to aware about leprosy. 

2.PPIP: Pulse Polio Immunization Program. This mission started by WHO. India become polio free in 13th Jan 2011.

3.NRHM: National Rural Health Mission. This mission started in 2005 to help poor rural people in less cost.

4.ASHA: Accredited Social Health Activist. They work in the base level of the Nation. They also did a notable work During the pandemic.

NHPM: National Health Protection Mission. AYUSHMAN and PMJAY Yojana come under this.

All these missions helped our nation to achieve a good life expectancy and also growth in health sector.