India VS Australia T20I 2022: Be Quick And Know The Winner Right Now!

IS Bindra stadium in Mohali, India will witness the India VS Australia T20I 2022 series today, on September 20, 2022. there will be 3 series in between India and Australia in total, on the upcoming T20I series.

While Aaron Finch will be captaining team Australia, India will represent Rohit Sharma as the captain of India squad against Australia in this series.

India VS Australia T20I 2022: who will win?

Who will win the match?

Well, it’s pretty unpredictable to say who will win Today’s match as both Australia and India are defending champions as the world has ever witnessed.

And the predictions is more tough because both thee teams won their previous bilateral series against various teams.

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For example, India recently has defended team West Indies in a 5 match of T20I series.

This bilateral T20I series was played in July-August of 2022.

In this series, India got a significant win against West Indies.

India won 4 out of 5 matches and lost one only.

But India’s journey in Asia cup 2022 was not good enough, where it failed to make it’s way through in the finals.

as about Australia, it also got a significant victory against Sri Lanka in the last T20I series.

The series in between Sri Lanka an Australia was played in the June 2022.

In the 3 matches, Australia won 1st T20Iby 10 wickets and the 2nd match by 3 wickets.

But, as like India, it lost the last match by 4 wickets but managed to garb the series with a score of 2-1.

However, when India faced Australia in December 2020 in the T20I series, India was the winner.

India managed to outplay Australia with the score of 2-1.

India won the 1st T20I by 11 runs, the next one by 6 wickets still lost the 3rd T20I by 12 runs.

so, it’s somehow, unpredictable to decide the winner of India VS Australia T20I 2022 series.

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