8 Interesting Secrets Of Ratan Tata| Personal Life| Parents & More

Ratan Tata is one of the most humble, polite and successful business person of India. But not only In India he well recognized around the whorls.

And yes, there is no man alive who doesn’t know about this miraculous person in India.

Moreover here are some of the facts about Mr. Ratan Tata that very few people know.


These below ones are some of the facts about Ratan Tata.

1. His Early Life

Ratan tata belongs to Tata family and is the great-grandson of Jamestji Tata. Jamestji Tata is the founder of Tata company in India and spend most of his money in charity.

As about Ratan Tata, he is the son of naval Tat, who was the adopted grandson of Jasmsetji Tata.

Ratan Tata’s mother is sooni Tata.

But, unfortunately, his parents got divorces in the year 1948 when he was just 10 years old.

Navajbai Tata is the real one and the grandmother of Ratan Tata who actually created one of the most influential personality of India.

Ratan tat was born on 28 December, 1937 and now is 84 years old.

2. He is a Very Talented Individual

Ratan Tata is a very talented individual.

He was the student of most of the respected universities and school.

for example, He got admitted in Harvard Business School in 1975, Cornell University in 1959, Riverdale Country school in 1955, St. Xavier’s collage(Autonomous), Bishop Cotton School, Shimla, Campion School, The cathedral and John cannon school and Swansea University.

3. He Owns Multiple Respected Awards

Ratan Tata owns multipole respected awards.

For example, these awards include CNN-IBN Indian of the year in Business, Padma Vibhishana, Padma Bhushan.

4. He Tried To Marry Multiple Times

Ratan Tata is unmarried.

But he had admitted in various interviews that he came too close to marrying for four times but it never worked due to carious reasons.

5. He is a Skilled Pilot

Not many know, but this superb personality is a brilliant pilot.

He says that his passion is flying and he loves flights.

He is a skilled pilot and was the first Indian to fly F-16 Falcon in 2007.

6. He loves cars

Ratan Tata is a real car lover.

Although he spends most of the money in charity still he owns multiple expensive cars.

For example, he owns cars including, Mercedes Bez S-class, Mercedes Benz 500SL, Ferrari California, Cadillac XLR, Honda Civic, jaguar F-Type and more.

7. A brilliant Business Person

RatanTata being the chairman of Tata Group in 1991 was brilliant of the company.

He lifted The success of the company into New height that no body ever through of.

Under his leadership, Tata company grew more than 40 times than it used to be.

The profits after Ratan Tata was raised from $5.7 billion in 1991 to $103 billion in 2016.

8. He loves Dogs Too Much

Apart form his business, there is a thing about Ratan Tata that makes him respected like no other. And it’s nothing but his love towards animals.

In simple word he is a dog lover.

He has let stray dogs to the Bombay house, the headquarters of Tata sons when it rains.

9. he Cares For The Employees

eratan tat care for employness who come under the company.

For betterment he has introduced several rules and regulations that do nothing but hep the employees.

For example, he has introduced the Modern pension system, maternity leaves and medical facilities for the employees.

10. He Is Richer Than Bill Gates

Ratan Tata, is really rich but most of his profits and earnings go into charity.

Moreover, he isn’t been included as one of the richest person in the world even being richer than bill gates.

As because 65% of the family’s and company’s fortune is given as charity.


so, these are the top 10 facts about Ratan Tata which I thought to share with you.

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