Common Wealth Games 2022 Birmingham

The Common Wealth Games 2022 Birmingham is commonly known as the CWG Birmingham 2022 is an international event of multi sports category.

All the common wealth countries were in invited to participate and to show their sportsmanship to the world.

Among all the countries like Australia, new Zealand, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, there are 72 participating countries including India.

Common Wealth Games 2022 Birmingham 2022 having more than 5000 athletes will be searching for medal.

There will be 280 events across 19 sports.

India had sent a squad of 211 sports person which had 106 men and 105 women. P.V. Sindhu and Manpreet was the flag barriers.

From the 19 events India will not take part in volleyball and net ball rugby.

In this historic event of commonwealth, champion is the anthem and Perry is the mascot, and Perry is designed by Emma.


type of sports

India‘s athletic selection for common wealth games 2022, there were 20 men and 19 women.


  • Men’s long jump: M shree Shankar, Mohammad Annes
  • Men’s Javelin Throw: DP Manu, Rohit
  • Men’s triple jump: Abdula Aboo Backer
  • Men’s 300 m steeple chase: Avinash Sable
  • Men’s high jump: Tajaswin Shankar
  • Men’s 500m: Abhinash Sable
  • Men’s marathon: Nitender Rawat
  • Men’s race walking: Sandeep kumar, Amit
  • Women’s long jump: Aney Sojon
  • Women’s shot put: manpreet kaur
  • Woman’s hammer throw: Sarita romit Singh, Manjubala Singh
  • Women’s 4*400 m relay: Dutee chand, Hima das, Srabani Anamnda, NS simi
  • Women’s 100m: dutee chand
  • Women’s 200m: hima das
  • Women’s 100m hurdles: Jyoti yarraji
  • Women’s 1000m race walk: Priyanka goswami, bhawana jat
  • Women’s discus throw: Nawjeet dhillon, seema puria
  • Women’s javelin throw: Annu rani, Shilpa rani

So, this was the athletic selection of India for CWG Birmingham 2022.

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