Anne Heche Passed away at 53 in a car crash

Anne Heche who was famous actress also a TV show character died after a deadly car crash. She died at the age of 53. She appeared “Volcano” “I know what you did last summer” “Six days and six nights” “Psycho” “men trees”.

After the accident her mini blue copper car caught fire. 60 fire fighter were needed to capture the fire. Soon she was hospitalized. There she put on a ventilator and after couple of days she was announced as “Brain Dead.” Which is reported by TMZ.

As to the law of California brain dead are consider as dead. So doctors kept their heart pumping to preserve the organs. Her organs were preserved for the donation purpose.

She had two sons named Atlas Heche Tupper and Homer Laffoon who are 13 and 20 years old. She also left $4 million for her sons.