ALCOHOL- everyone even the ones who are addicted to it know it’s dangerous. It seriously is impactful for the drunkard, it’s family, friends, society and EVERYBODY.

It’s so damaging that many people’s lives just tear apart within a limited period and unexpectedly.

Alcohol just messes up their lives, while they are unconscious to their real problems. Well, this of course happens because they are not awake.

It happens because they do take no precautions at all. They fear taking a step forward to say NO to alcohol.

However, I genuinely want to congratulate you since you have taken your first step in the path of winning. You are here reading this article means, at this very point of your life you are awake and conscious of your problem and want to get over this vicious habit.

Thus 50% of your problems, by thinking of the idea to ban alcohol, have been solved already by admitting your flaw. And the other half of your problems will be ended too by the end of this article.

Read on. It’s worth it as it’s worth your life.


alcohol-bottle=with a glass

A straightforward glance, the below ones are the measures you can take to shun alcohol out of your life.


You badly need a counter attack. Only taking precautions or so-called home remedies will surely help you out but only temporarily. And you know that ‘temporary’ is not an option to look up to now.

You have to try something that actually works and will support the acts you undertake to circumvent alcohol intake.

That’s why I recommended this say-no-to-alcohol program. Just don’t think otherwise and try it.

Thousands of people like you take help from this product and actually benefit. Moreover, you can be one of them too. you are just one click away from success. just go for it and check.

Along with this, perform these measures stated further in this article in order to ward off alcohol. They are ready to help you out.


Quitting alcohol is no joke. Since you have been addicted to it, the sudden withdrawal from it can cause stress, nausea, vomiting, shaky hands, intense anxiety and a lot more troublesome things.

In this period, however, no one can help you more than your loved ones, unless you allow them to do so. They can encourage and support you to stop drinking at these scary moments.

Besides, by opening up about your issues with alcohol, will make a good impact on them, by a change in their drinking habits.

In conclusion, if you have a family and are still a drunkard then you are unaware of their ability. Ask them to help, to support you.


Finding people who are firm to quit drinking can benefit you and so do to them.

As you know, ‘a poor knows how it feels to be poor’. In this way, a man that used to drink or wants to stop drinking knows what circumstances or possible situations make someone to become alcoholic.

Thus, they may support as well as motivate you whenever you go off track. And it’s no wonder that it will help you and them out.

That’s why get involved in a community or surround yourself with people who are not drinking anymore or trying to get rid of it.


Not unexpectedly, the environment plays a major role in preventing or promoting alcohol intake. For example: people typically get drunk when exposed to stressed situations or when feeling overwhelmed.

Thus, start fixing your environment, first! It makes a massive change.


Typically, when somebody stops drinking, they get an abundance of motivation and of course energy. But the question is what exactly to do with this rocking energy that you will start to obtain?

Simply, you can start practicing some exercises in order to be fit and healthy like a storm.  As you know a healthy body as well as healthy mindset can encourage like no other.

Thus, exercising while getting rid of alcohol will divert your mind to drink again. And it will keep you on track in quitting it.


Changing your daily routine matters the most in the case of “say no to alcohol”. Well, changing your daily routine simply means to add some fun activities that can distract the thought of drinking alcohol.

I mean, do something like playing games with your kids, painting, meditation, DIYs, reading motivational books, watching movies with your family or something else at the particular time you drink.

Everybody knows, it’s no wonder that only sitting like stone can easily divert your intentions of giving up alcohol.

Thus, it will not result in preparing a peg again. So, instead of just sitting, do something that you used to like at the time you drink alcohol.


This is the first thing you should be doing now. Keeping alcohol at home can ultimately lead to the desire of having some.

Ergo, all of your effort will go into vain.

But you know it, when it’s not In Front of your eyes, it’s not in the mind.  So, get up right now no matter where you are and throw this poison out of your home.


Since you know, quitting alcohol isn’t a child’s play. It demands true dedication and sincerity.

And sudden withdrawal from it can lead to temporary yet disturbing factors, which may make you want to get into this life-threatening habit again.

In order to overcome this issue, discover a new drink that makes you feel good. Does not matter if it’s plain or sparkling water or anything like that. Just replace it.

It can help you to sustain the desire of consuming alcohol.


It’s a massive step that you’re performing now. Besides, it needs support both emotionally and physically.

As about physical support you can perform these following tips to assist you in the journey of quitting alcohol. These healthful measures include

  • Staying well hydrated
  • Heaving balanced meals
  • Performing regular physical activities
  • Getting enough sleep

These are the vital pillars you have to obtain in the course of quitting alcohol. And you know what, you can do it.


Since you have been drinking, all your hobbies have looked up in the coffin. The things that actually used to make you happy rather than hallucinate.

But it is the most suitable time to rediscover them all.

As you are trying tough to avoid this toxic habit, rediscover your hobbies again.

They will make you engaged in certain activities, which will ultimately reduce the desire to drink alcohol.

For example, you can do

  • Painting
  • Do DIY home project
  • Photoshoot
  • Play video games
  • Create building models
  • Do fishing
  • Cycling
  • Reading books
  • Or anything else that drives you


Have you ever wondered how journalizing feels?

Well, if you don’t know, it feels so good and makes you relaxed. Just try to imagine, how magnificent it would be to pour all your hardcore emotions on paper and track your achievements all at the same time!

As for Quitting alcohol, it can put you in an emotional wringer. it even makes you feel bad, exhausted, angry or even feeling sad or grief.

so rather than keep all the thoughts in mind, pour all them down on a piece of paper. Over time, all your bad thoughts will be exchanged with lots of good ones.

Not only this, you can also write down why you want to quit drinking. Why your happiness, your loved one’s happiness is more important than drinking.

Reminding yourself why you had started will manifest with good outcomes.


Maybe you’re not aware, but quitting alcohol will be one of your biggest achievements. Not everyone can quit it because it takes a lot to stick with this wonderful yet challenging decision. But you know what, challenge accepted.

You can rule over your drinking attitude. You can and you of course will. All the very best. And congrats for the achievement in advance. 😉 😊