Kamakhya Temple Mystery: Untapped Mysteries To Discover

As far as I can guess, you must have heard about the goddess of prosperity or goddess of love or may be the goddess of misfortune. But do you know about the goddess who bleeds? Do you know who is kamakhya goddess really is?

And yes, any interesting stuffs about the bleeding goddess temple in India?

Just saying, very few folks know about her, and you’re going to be one of them at the end of this article. For sure.

Overwhelming questions must be indicating you to dig out all the ‘kamakhya temple mystery’, which are not well published yet.

Then, all I can suggest you to do is, keep browsing to know the extraordinary and hidden truths of the mesmerizing Hindu goddess of India and her well worshiped temple.

So, without wasting time let’s take up.


As according to the mythical views, kamakhya goddess is a part of goddess Sati- the beloved wife of lord Shiva.  Kamakhya goddess is popularly known as the bleeding goddess as because she bleeds in the month of Asadha or june.

It is also seen that, in this mensuration period of kamakhya Mata the water color of Brahmaputra river turns into red as she bleeds.


The kamakhya temple is situated on the Nilachal hill in the western part of Guwahati, Assam, India.

Adding more information, the Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport is the nearest airport to this holy temple as it’s only 20 km away from it.

Yet, Guwahati railway station could be the better option to choose if you’re traveling out here cause it’s only 7 kilometer away.

On subject of location, it is located on a hill next to the massive river of India popularly known as Brahmaputra River.  


The kamakhya temple was created by mlechchha dynasty. But it got completely destroyed by the Muslim convert Kalapahar who was the king of Cooch Behar in 1553 AD.      

Afetr some yearsof this misfortune, Nara Narayan along with Ahom kings rebuilt it in 1565 AD.

So, it is the over all and slightly complicated glimpse of kamakhya temple story.      


Behold, cause here starts the interesting yet emotional story behind the kamakhya temple and kamakhya Devi herself. Read on.


Sati- the daughter of dakhya prajapati, feel in love and discovered the non-ending devotion for Adiyogi Shiva.

She was so love stroked by him that, she married lord Shiva, even if his father was unwilling to accept their relationship.     

Later at this misfortunate incidence, daksha held a great yagna and invited all the god, goddess around the universe except his son-in-law Shiva and her beloved daughter Sati.

Even though she was not invited, she fought with Shiva to attend the Yagna and went out there. By seeing his dis obeyed daughter, daksha humiliated her and her husband.

This insult was so heart breaking that, goddess sati committed suicide and jumped right into the yagna kunda.

By getting the news of Sati’s death, lord Shiva got furious and went insane. He went out there, placed Sati’s burnt corpse on his shoulders and performed ‘Tandav’-the dance of destruction.

By seeing the carnage and Shiva’s immense rage, single god and goddess dared to make him calm.

Well, except the mighty lord Vishnu. In order to stop the cruel annihilation of the world, he sent his Chakra and cut goddess sati’s burnt corpse into 51 pieces.

It is believed that, every single piece of Sati’s deadbody fell on earth and ytunrd into Shakti Peeths and one of themn is Kamakhya Temple.

Mythology says, goddess Sati’s Yohi or the genital organ or Vagina had fallen here. That’s why this temple is known as the temple of bleeding or mensurational goddess of India.

But Why it known as Kamakhya?

Don’t you woneder why is it Named Kamakhya when it is the temple of Sati ? Is’nt a quoestionablew question?

Then let’s find out the curious story about it.


It is a complex story yet, once kamadeva-The God of Love lost his potency because of a curse.

Getting no option about what to do and what not, he sought out the womb or genitalia od Sati devi and thus, got independent from curse.   

As everybody knows, the Sanskrit word KAMA-means Love and for the story of Kamadeva, later the temple got the poipularity with the name of Kamakhya.

Thereupon, this the unique and iconic myth behind the name of Kamakhya temple or Kamakhya maa Story.


God’s creativity is beyond man’s imagination, a kind example to prove this fact is kamakhya Mandir. This holy temple is not just a Shakti peetha like others, but also concludes many indescribable events.

Hence, it’s not found that, these events are natural or some false show for the sake of publicity.

Generally, I go with the nature’s work. Because I don’t think it can done by mankind’s efforts. Just have a look Kamakhya Mandir’s fascinating facts.

Kamakhya mandir has no statue of the goddess of sati, yet only has a stone shaped like the genital of female. This stone always produce water which bears a color of red.

Kamakhya temple remains closed for 3 days when kamakhya Mata goes through her menstrual cycle. During these 3 days (in Assad or June), the Brahmaputra rivers color turns into red because kamakhya Devi’s period.

In the menstruating day, people do not worship her and farmers are advised to not to do farming in any extent.

In these days, no object other than white cloths is placed in the temple for the remaining 3 days. After that, it gets closed.

Afterwards, when the temple reopens in the fourth day, the white cloths are believed to be turned into red, moist and wet naturally.

These wet clothes are distributed among the devotee as Prasad.

Considering everything, these are some of the underground facts that I came to know about kamakhya temple.  It’s literally everything that I know about this holy temple. (You can clarify me if I got anything wrong)


Kamakhaya temple shows the ultimate struggle and power of a woman’s life that nobody pays attention to. The real strength of women which is nothing less than curse.

People worship her, believe her and trust her but completely forget about the real ones.

Every woman faces period related issues in every month. But, if you say the word ‘period’ publically, it’d be taken as crime.

Period is still a taboo for the people of India even if they worship a goddess who bleeds.

So here is question, ‘Shouldn’t we stop questioning about women’s struggles?’ Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

All at the end, it is the end of the discussion of kamakhya Devi story.