Full Story Behind The Creation Of Lord Jagannath


Culture and civilization are like the two sides of a coin mainly complementary in nature. Indian culture and tradition is appraised as colossal all over the world that carries abundant aspects like unity in diversity, kindness to creatures, patience, forgiveness, sacrifices and a lot more.

We do worship 33 cores of gods in Indian mythology. But some of them are like the lifeline of the devotees.

Except form others, Lord Jaganath refers to Santana dharma is one of them, is a religion for millions all over the world. Jaganath is considered as the supreme god as he himself carries the name as “Jagat  + nath”, jagat means ‘world’ and nath means‘ swami’ or ‘above all’.

Lord Jaganaath’s wooden sculpture is worshiped is his magnificent temple in puri, Odisha. He is worshiped along with his brother balabhadra and sister subhadra.

But do you know where this deity born or the story behind the creation of lord jaganath?

In this post we are going to read all the mysteries of lord Jagannath and how is he related to lord Krishna.

creation of lord jagannath
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Every god is the form of a supreme soul. Lord Jaganath is a god whose acclimation is pasted with lord Brahma’s crown and his divinity is attractive and mysterious.

He is also taken as one of the avatars among the 10 avatars of lord Vishnu.

He bears the names like chakadola, chakaakhi, Jeenanath by the jains and Nilamadha by according to the adivasi’s.

So, there was a king named as Indradyumna in satya yuga. Whose capital was spread from Avanti to malwa(in present AndhraPardesh to Rajasthan).

The king was from Vaishnava deity. So, he always craved for a glint of lord Vishnu during his whole life.

Fortunately one day he came to know that Lord Vishnu as Nila madhav was worshipped by a tribal chief, Viswabasu, in a secret cave in Udra (Odisha) Pradesh from a beggar. But the beggar was unable to give the proper address of the exact location of neither the cave nor the country.

After some days later Vishwavasu sent ViddyaPati (Brother of chief ordderer of people) in search of the sacred place of Lord Vishnu. As per the Kings Order, vidyapati went off to search the coyntry UDRA.


After a long time and long journey, he finally detected UDRA. He deliberatively met vishwabasu and prayed him to see Nila Madava.

But, vishwavasu rejected the proposal of Vidyapati. So, he stayed in the same village for further glance.

Vidyapati there met Lalita, daughter of Vishwabasu. They both feel in love and married secrately.

After some couple of days Viswabasu welcomed both his daughter Lalita and son in law Vidyapati to his home. During these days, Vidyapati noticed that Viswabasu was going somewhere at midnight and returning in the next morning.

But after returning of Viswabasu, there was a sweet fragrance of sandal and musk scattered around the environment.

He asked Lalita about the matter but she refused to speak anything but after some time he persuaded Lalita to speak the truth. Lalita explained about Nila Madhav’s presence at the secret cave.

Taking no extra time, the ruler existed at that moment to enjoy his beloved god’s one glint, as Nila madhav and to take him to his kingdom. King Indradyumna invaded Udra and prisoned Viswabasu as he refused to take the king to the secret cave.

During this session, the rainy days came to the country where there was blossoming environment. So the mustard seeds also grown as mustard plants with golden colored flowers. These flowers took the king to the ultimate cave easily with his chariot where he could found Lord Vishnu.

But the presence of Nila Madhav was not there for more time. An occult echo told the king that he would never be able to see Nila Madhav in his lifetime as he prisoned his beloved devotee Viswabasu. So the king released Viswabasu and tied with stress and disappointment.

After that the emperor completely abandoned food and drink and went on meditation (tapasya) for Lord Vishnu.

On the other hand , Lord Krishna destroyed Yadur dynasty by a huge water deluge. That was the ending time of Dwapara Yuga, so Lord Krishna was about to leave the earthly body.

During this phase , Lord Krishna was revolved in the jungles of Dwarka, where hare hunter called as Jara, bowed an arrow to him in mistake. As Jaara came to know that he shoted Lord Krishna, he begged in front of him to forgive him and pleaded for him. Then Lord Krishna reaffirmed him that all the things was written before to conclude a Yuga.

He also gave him the responsibility to cremate the body of krishna and immerse the ashes into the sea-water. So, Jaara sabar cremated the body of Lord Krishna but the whole body was not cremated in funeral pyre.

It is believed that the heart of Lord krishna was not burnt in fire so Jaara sabar immersed the rest things in ocean as per the advice. These things were turned into a piece of wood and reached at puri seabeach as a log itself.

King Indradyumna dreamt that Lord Vishnu told him that he would come as a piece of log floating on sea Banka Muhana Puri and liquefy himself to a form of god.

Then the king quoted the wooden log from the sea with the prominent help of Vishwavasu.

He grasped the log to a stage to give it a proper shape. But, his carpenters were unfit to give a shape to that log.


All the sculptors and carpenters were inadequate to emboss the structure of lord Vishnu. The king was covered with melancholy. At that very crucial time, an old man named Ananta Maharana came to the king, took the responsibility to build the idol of lord vishnu.

Later he was considered to be lord Viswakarma himself by the king and his fellowmen because of some unbelievable happenings stated henceforth. The old man while extending his proposal before king Indradyumna stated some conditions which were to be accepted by the king so as to make the task completed smoothly.

The conditions were as such ; he will perform the task in a closed chamber all alone and will complete the making of the idol within 21 days. He will not be disturbed by anyone at any point of his work till completion of the stipulated days.

The king was surprised with his conditions being an old man but he still agreed to him as he had no other choice left. Everything went on as per the agreement and for the first two weeks people got to hear the adherence sounds of parsh, saw and hammer.


After 15th day passed the sound stopped to come out of the chamber and no sound was there to resonant. Maharani Gundicha, The queen of king Indradyumna was fazed and requested the king to open the door of that chamber as no sound of work was coming out so she thought that the old man might  had died of hunger.

She pleaded so much that the king was compelled to open the door .But what was found inside was so surprising that the king got abacked. He found no one there. The old man had disappeared leaving three half made idols which were highly fashioned but were incomplete.

The king was so much disheartened with his act and wished to end his life. He was about to go for it and suddenly he heard a divine sound that told him not to be worried about the creation of the idols. Lord Vishnu himself assured the king that his half made idol would be worshipped as lord Jagannath and told the  king to construct a temple for him.

The king was very happy to hear this and was  obliged to lord Vishnu and did all his deeds as instructed by the echo voice of lord Vishnu. This is the story behind creation of incomplete idol form of lord Jagannath.