The Ramayana : Best qualities of Lord Rama that need to be heeded

Ramayana, the great epic, written by Maharishi Valmiki 1000 years ego is the story of Lord Rama, his royal birth exile, search for his wife Devi Sita, his huge battle against the demon king Ravan and his reinstatement on the throne.

The characters of Ramayana have influenced millions of people around the world for hundreds of years and more.

In 1576, Tulsi Das rewrite the story in Hindi language which is called ‘Rama Charita Manas’.

There are seven parts in Tulsi Das’s Rama charita Manas. Birth date of Lord Ram : Lord Ram took birth on the ninth day of the lunar month Chaitra(March-April). This day is celebrated across India as Ram Navami.

He was born to king Dashrath and Queen Kaushalya. His father Dashrath was the king of Ayodhya, a city on the bank of Sarayu River.

In Hindu mythology, Lord Rama is described as a compassionate person who comes for all living beings.

Kind hearted with great toleration power and duty

Although the entire life of Lord Ram has been a suffering, still he has showed kindness to each and every creature.

At the same time he has borne extreme tolerance while dealing with each situation. He had faced at times whether departing from his parents, his palace and his kingdom.

lord rama

He always had a kind smile on his face during the exile period because he never allowed such situation to be a burden on the path of disposing his duty.

Service to parents, elders and the subjects of Ayodhya was his utmost priority.

His duty for the sake of the reputation of his king, kingdom and Kul was beyond the thinking of common man. So, the kindness, tolerance and duty boundness showed by Lord Vishnu in his Manav Avatar.

Lord Ram is a great lesson to be learned and followed by each human to live a great human life.

Patience, Courage and Heroism

After the end of Ramayana one could easily understand the reason of Lord Ram’s exile that to for a period of such long years.

During exile, he has killed so many demons with his bow and arrow.

It is believed that his incarnation was purposed to clean the earth of demons and give great relief to the saints, sadhus and Goodman who were being tortured o killed by demons.

Some of the demons even had super natural power of disguise and a plenty more but Lord Rama smashed them in action all with his bow and arrow showing endless patience, courage and heroic characters.

For his opulence and efficiency in the act of archery, he is regarded as the greatest archer on the earth.

With such deeds he delivers a strong message to the world that killing or punishing the demons those are a threat to the mankind, humanity and to the mother nature as well can be considered a virtuous duty rather than a sin.

To save one’s goodness and truthfulness you have.

Reverence, Religiousness, Cosmopolitan equable and free from Egoism

Lord Ram being the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu, in his manav avatar has never been tempted by pride and has underestimated no-one.

Lord Ram in his life journey has defined the real meaning of religion. What religion should meant to each human on this earth by his great acts of reverence, cosmopolitanism, equitability towards all.

lord rama as king with sita and brither laxman and hanuman

His behavior remained unchanged towards each class of society. Affection for affection, love and blessings for devotion were the basic acts he had reflected.

Best example of these were his gratitude towards the Kaibartya’s for their service for him, love and emotions for Shabari who waited for him years in the jungle and he being a prince ate the tested berries of the Shabari with all pleasant.

Now-a-days people on this earth are away from the actual meaning of the religion.

Forgiveness, quality to deliver justice, sacrifice

The tolerative nature and forgiveness at the same time makes Lord Ram different from all the humans existed at that time.

The series of events that took place one by one in Lord Ram’s life are lessons to learn from. A great human life is best upon sacrifice.

Lord Ram has come out of selfishness and has sacrificed his own convenient for the welfare of the society as well as the world.

The act of forgiveness reflects from the events where in spite of the injustice made to him by mother Kaikei and Dashi Manthara. He forgive them them and interacted with them as if nothing wrong had happened to him because of them.

He was so kind that he offered the chance or opportunity to the demon king Ravan and his all other demon warriors to beg pardon for abducting queen Sita after which he could forgive them all and let them go alive.

His avatar was also meant to give justice to those who were praying God for it like he gave just.