Powerful Motivational story of 3 Laughing monks


You are actually here to read a story. But before that let me say, it’s not just a story to read but this motivational story is going to change your world. So, before you start reading this, i would like to drag your attention to a real incident that occurred with me 2 weeks before. The true incident goes like that,

I was in hurry and just waiting on a traffic to become green to arrive somewhere then suddenly bang ;

A car drove by a middle aged person hit my car. Within seconds I got out while preparing a nice rebuke. I was like “I’m gonna snatch the hell out of him now.” But i did nothing but smiled. You know why ??before i got out, the man was already there with a smile on his face. He smiled at me and said that he was sorry and guess what i did, nothing but smiling at the very moment. All my anger vanished in a second just like nothing happened.

(laughing monk)

At that evening I came home still smiling while listening to a podcast which was titled as “The tale of three laughing monks.” From that motivational story i found the path of happiness during the filthy span of time. So, I wanted the story to share with you. 

Three Laughing Monks 

In the history of China, the three laughing monks were existed during a phase of time when people were too busy in their toxic schedule. Like a triangle each of them valued a lot to the alliance. The names of the monks were unknown because they never revealed anything about themselves to none. That’s why they popularly known as “the three laughing monks” as they always laughed. 

The three laughing Monks were always seen together every time. they supposed to enter a village or a town and sat at the middle of the bazar and began to laugh. They told nothing but simply laugh louder, louder and louder to their last boundary. Seeing those laughing monks, along with the outsiders, the whole village gathered at the spot and started laughing. and eventually the laughs had spread to the entire village.

smiling monks, smile


It seemed like if the laughs of the monks were the body of something, then others laughs were it’s beautiful ornaments which create the body extremely marvelous. The three laughing monks simply create a situation to make everyone for their cosmic laughter. Then suddenly leaved the village to another one, to do the noble things there.


With the passing years, the laughing monks were famous for their worthy belly laugh without a single word. By occupation they are monks but they did nothing without laughing. It is said that their laughter was their ultimate prayers that consists all their teachings because they never told their names or never spoke to anybody. But all over China, they were loved and respected for their unconditional laughter beings. The people of China had never witnessed such a spiritual teachers before and after the three laughing monks. Every single village realized the power of laugh from these monks.

The three laughing monks seemed to communicate that life should be taken only as the biggest opportunity to laugh, as if they discovered some kind of cosmic joke and the whole cosmos was understood by. One day in the Northern China, the day came, when one of the monks died. By hearing this sorrowful news, the village was sad and crowd would start by the place to see the dead monk. In such a filthy situation all the hearts of people filled with expectation that , they were able to see the rest two monks reaction to it, or their crying face for the first time.

But, reaching the monks’ place, the people of China shocked about what they saw. The rest two monks were standing near the dead monk and laughing out louder. They had tears of joy in their eyes and laughing like as they understood the cosmic illusion.

Few good people from the crowd came forward to know the real reason of the laughter from the rest monks. That was the first time they spoke to someone seen by the crowd. They said that, they were laughing as their dear friend’s victory over  the bet among the three monks. During our visit to hut last night, the monk proposed a bet that, who among of us would defeat the other two and die first. The old rough defeated both of us and died first.

They also said that , one who spread happiness and laughter all the lifelong should be gone in happiness too. So, laughter is the best way to pay him respect, that he deserves.

According to the Chinese mythology, alike Indian mythology, funeral pyre is the best way for salvation. But before that they have the rituals to bath and change the dresses of the dead one. But the dead monk had a testament prepared. In which he refused to bath and wished to burn with the old clothes since he had never been filthy for one day. In his opinion, laugh makes everything sacred. So there is no need to do some extra rituals to be sacred.

So, the people weeping out their tears, took the dead monk to the funeral pyre with the old clothes he had wearied. When the pyre was lit up and fire started burning the dresses of the monk , suddenly firecrackers came out to the sky in a large number to diffuse the hidden hundred colors that lied within it. 

In this critical and emotional situation, the firecrackers brought laughter on everyone’s face near by in a flash. The whole village laughed with the other two wise monks for the rest of the time.

summery : 

Laugh makes life easier. It creates an enchanting surrounding with divine positive vibes and strengthen the emotional bonding of man. Laugh is the purest form and signature of happiness which connects the soul to the source of ultimate nature’s nature. But laughing at someone is not a noble deed ever. So make sure that your laughing always creates good vibes. So, Laugh without being controlled, and laugh without being bored.


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