Billions of trees in a single territory, which are even more darker than green sheet, getting rain all the day long and most of the days in a year is called rainforest

Nature is always helpful and graceful and surprising to others(especially to mankind). All the species survive due to the mercy of the nature. All living creatures including mankind needs survival elements such as air, water, food from her. 

These needs of human being is satisfied by the trees. We are totally depended on the nature for our survival. 

As there are billions of people and animals around the world. A single tree could not sufficient to fulfill all the requirements .So, to fill all the requirements of the animals and mankind nature created forest. 

There are 2 types of forest such as : 

1.Tamperate forest  


Among all the types of forest rainforests are more efficient to provide the factors of life to the animals. Also rainforest considered as the crucial chain to the ecosystem of the world. 

Rainforest consists millions of animals, insects and reptiles and trees. Trees depends on the animals to spread its boundary and vice verse..

Rainforests helps mankind by giving away of fruits, oxygen, wood, medicinal ingredients and many more. Rainforests is a great living place of indigenous people.

Amazonian girls and female tribes are dancing

Indigenous people like Amazonian tribes get their livelihood from the amazon rainforest. Rainforest is also a strong opposition of the soil erosion. 

Rainforest helps to balance the heat and carbon level in the air. Rainforest strongly impact the seasonal changes of the earth. Coastal rainforest reduce the speed of the tsunami’s waves. It helps to get more rain by helping the water cycle.

So, in the post of 7 benefits of rainforest, we just read about the brief description about the helps of rainforest that we get. 

List of the rainforest :

1000’s of people asking on google  that how many rainforest are their in the world? First we should know that there are 2 types of rainforest such as :

  1. Temperate Rainforest
  2. Tropical Rainforest

According to the list, if we google then we can find tropical rainforest near to the equator and temperate rainforest are near to the coastal areas.

What are the 10 best most dense forest in the world :

  1. Amazon rainforest
  2. Congo rainforest
  3. Valdivia rainforest
  4. Daintree Rainforest
  5. Southeast Rainforest
  6. Tongrass national rainforest
  7. KInabalu national rainforest
  8. Santa elena 
  9. Sinharaja Forest reserve
  10. Pacific temperate rainforest
  11. Sunder bans Reserve Forest
  • Amazonia Rainforest: Amazon rainforest is worlds largest and most famous rainforest. It is also famous for its rich bio diversity and eco system. It helps earth to enhance the air condition and temperature of the earth. It has a direct impact on the worlds climate.

Amazon rainforest is located mostly in Brazil. I just used the word ‘mostly’ cause amazon is connected to 9 countries of the world. They are Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, French Guiana, Ecuador, Peru, Suriname and Venezuela. 

Amazon is appraise as the lungs of the planet. Amazonia, amazon jungle are its other names.

The most saddest thing is people are cutting this rainforest for their own development. Greedy people don’t think that thousands of Amazonian tribes are directly depend on the rainforest for their survival and livelihood.

Logging, timber are root cause of deforestation. This lead to the soil erosion, in the Amazonian rainforest. Infrastructure and development works are making amazon weaken day by day. This destruction behavior affects 400 types of mammals and millions of animal each day.

People are cutting millions of trees for their sustainable development. Hundreds of development project are injected to amazon for making it weak each day.

It includes woods industry, honey collection, agriculture, land,  production of medicinal product and other raw material.

This anti-mankind injection which are given to amazon showing its result in global warming, increase in temperature, boost in carbon level, climate change and thousand others.

Amazon is such a great gift of mother nature to all the creatures, let’s not ruin this.

  • Congo Rainforest: This rainforest have tagged its place in 2nd place in this list. It is because of its volume. As to the amazon this basin also covered by millions and billions of trees. It is also connected to 9 countries such as Angola, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Democratic republic of the Congo, Republic of the Congo, Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania and Zambia.

DID you know that : 14% of the earth was covered by forest. But it reduced by 6%. Now it is still decreasing.

Valdivia Rainforest :

This rainforest is located in southern America. This comes under the temperate rainforest. Bamboos, ferns, angiosperm trees are dominating trees in this region. According to the Valdivia city this rainforest is named.248100Km2 is covered by Valdivia rainforest. Valdivia rainforest is connected to Chile and Argentina.

Southeast Asian Rainforest:

It is situated in the south part of the Asian countries like Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar. 

Southeast Asian rainforest is considered as the 5th largest rainforest. Mankind has a made a significant change in a negative way. It’s rainforest area is decreasing in a gradual amount. People are still cutting down the trees for their own necessity. For southeast rainforest people are just considered as villains.

These degradation of rainforest fetch the environmental changes like Tsunami, cyclone, land slide and many more. 

For Example : 

Odisha is a state of India faced 3 severe cyclone in 3 consecutive years. In 1999 a super cyclone hit the coast of Odisha. More than 10K people are died officially but millions are affected by that cyclone.

Why rainforests are so Helpful: 

Who doesn’t know the benefits of a tree. Most interesting fact is that a full grown tree can give oxygen to a 4 members family but still we are cutting down them. We know the truth that without tree we can’t survive. 

But everybody are cutting their part of tree !!

To enhance your memory we talked about most oxygen giving house plants .Before. in that post we have talked about the most oxygen giving trees and their benefits. 

We also have talked about Bonsai trees and how to take care of it. You can check them out by clicking on them.

Now, we are going to discuss about the 7 benefits of rainforest one by one.

This is the image of a rainforest and "7 benefits of rainforest" is written on it.
photo credit: Pixabay, Eduavow

1.We get Loads of Oxygen

2.Secure Home To Animals

3.Fruit Basket

4.Contribute To Water Cycle

5.Manage The Carbon Emission

6.Natural Air Cooler

7.Great Pollinating Area

8.Home to Indigenous People / Tribes

9.A Great Commercial Market

1-Oxygen Factory :

Who doesn’t know that we get oxygen from trees, and Without oxygen we will be counted as dead bodies as well ! 

It is the first and foremost benefits that we get from a rainforest. Cause their are billions of trees that are considering as the lungs of the earth. 

If 1 mature tree can give oxygen to a 4 members family, then think about the billions of trees out there. 

Yeah! It is proved that 60% of the oxygen are coming from the ocean’s plant but what about other 40%. They are coming from the rainforest and other trees. 

Growth of forest land helps to grow oxygen level in atmosphere. Forestry studies also said that these 5 oxygen giving trees can help us to boost oxygen level in our atmosphere.

Some Facts about Rainforest :

  1. Amazon rainforest produces 6% of world’s oxygen.
  2. It is estimated that a 50+ years tree can produce oxygen which will enough for 10 people for a year.
  3. Rainforest are ultimate natural climate solution. 

2.Secure Home to Wild Animals:

I have published numbers of post on Amazonian animals. In a post of eduavow, I have vividly discussed on the ecosystem and environment of the amazon rain forest and also on animals. Cause it is the largest rainforest of our earth.

From these post you can get a hint that how rainforests are secure and sound place for wild animals. In amazon rainforest 4000 types of trees are found. More that 3000 fresh water species and 370+ types of reptiles are found. 

Still scientist and ecologist are trying their best to discover new species.

In Congo rainforest  there are 11007 types of vascular plants, 400+ types of mammals, 1000+ different types of birds and more than 700+ types of fishes are found. Bonobo, Okapi and gray parrot are only found in Congo basins.

Rainforest uses carbon emissions of animals. Giant group of antelope, big eastern bongo antelope, mountain  gorilla are found in Congo rainforest.

In Valdivia temperate rainforest is a home to hippocamelus bisulus, the kodkod, the world’s smallest deer and also to unique owl named rufous-legged owl.

This tiny earth world is a home to 8.7 millions types of animals. And they all live in this single environment. Most of these animals are found in rainforests.

3.Fruit Basket :

Yes, of course rainforest are considered as fruit basket of our earth. More than 3000 types of fruits are found in rainforest. From those we only use 200+ types. Rest are consumed by the other animals in the jungle. There are some common fruits types are 

  • banana
  • oranges
  • coconut
  • mangoes
  • lemons
  • papaya
  • jamun
  • berries
  • jackfruits
  • others

Did you Know: 55 Million of Litrus fruits are grown and eaten by the animals in each year.

From those uncountable fruits millions are eaten by the jungle animals and wasted. Tons amount of fruits are taken by the mankind for self consumption or for the commercial purpose.

Some of the fruits are very good cure for Skin problem, irritation, acid problems.

4.Helps Water Cycle :

As to the process of photosynthesis , leaves releases water molecule/ droplets to the atmosphere. It is estimated that , a tree having 50 leaves can give 1Ltr. of water droplets to the atmosphere in a single day.

You just imagine that how much trees that we have in our rainforest and how much we are depending on them for water ? Just estimate the amount of water that we get from forest ? 

Just think that what will happen if we cut down only 20% of it ? Let me know your valuable opinion in the comment section below …

But, still some moron people and Govt. have permitted to cut down the trees for their commercial use. Is it a right decision for our earth ? 

5.Medicinal Store :

Rainforest com medicinal store for whole mankind and for other animals. Some rare trees have the capability to cure diseases like anxiety, infertility, cancer and AIDS ! 

Some trees are very powerful having the power to cure diseases like cancer ! There are some plants which have different curability for different diseases >

1.Wasai-For Kidney Health

2.Lapacho-For Cancer Treatment

3.Cordoncillo-For Injury

4.Tawari Tree-For Tumors, Infection and cancer treatment

5.Sodo- To cure Addiction

6.Pusangade Motelo- For Anxiety

7.Rat’s Tail-For Digestion

8.Canellila-For Women Ovary Treatment

6.Got Easily Pollinated

Before some posts in edavow we have published a an article on pollinating system. But, now we are going to discuss about on how rainforest are the best pollinating area.

Pollinating is one of the best way to spread the specific kind of trees, by taking the helps of others. The best pollinators are birds, monkeys, water, air, animals. They helps the trees seed to be spread in the whole jungle.

DID YOU KNOW : calvaria tree in  Mauritius is going to extinct due to lack of pollination process.

In rainforest bees, humming birds; monkeys, elephants, water helps the seeds to become a plant. Monkeys eat the fruits and drop the seeds on the soil. So as the birds and other animals does that.

Fun fact :- Albert Einstein said that if bees extinct, then this world will die in just 4 years!

9.Air cooler and mange carbon dioxide emission :-

By developing their own countries sometimes developers forget to protect the nature. Industrialization, over population and greed of money making the earth warmer day by day!

In a sum, our world increases its heat by 1.5 degree Celsius in just past decades.

It is recorded that- In the year of 2020 China’s emission of CO2 was 10.06GT. It was in 3rd place by emitting 2.65GT to the world’s environment .

I think this information is enough to scare you.

But, Hay…… don’t worry! cause we have natural air filter as rainforest.

They absorb the carbon emissions from environment.

Did you know:- China is the biggest contributor to world’s pollution !

Prevent soil erosion :-

Rainforest, especially which are on hills and mountains surfaces. Even though in heavy rain fall. Forestry studies says that roots also keeps essential minerals from the water waves.

People in mountain areas also using the step technique to save the soil. 

Manually , soil erosion means unusual movement / flow of soil from one place to another . Soil erosion process includes water waves, wind blow, bare fields, lack of trees.

Mostly rainforest are situated in the basins of rivers. There are high chances of soil erosion but rainforest roots prevent them.

Deforestation , increase in cattle grazing field/lea , industrialization and increasing in wood industry. 

A vast amount of trees are cutting down in every single minute in second.

 Fact :- 3 football field of forest lost while you reading this post 

Sunderbans and Hental ban prevent soil erosion as they are coastal forest. coastal forest are also very helpful from preventing soil erosion.

Hiding place of indigenous people :-

From the beginning periods like Neolithic and Paleolithic period human / apes  are successful to hide themselves in the trees. Still to the date same indigenous or native are hiding themselves in the jungle.

Amazonian tribes are very shy and protective to amazon river and forest. They live in the jungle and protect it from destruction.

Conclusion : Becoming a commercial market :-

From rainforest to amazon shopping brand the power of nature keeps remind you that no one is above of her .

By providing numerous benefits, nature shows her humbleness. But this humbleness, now a days it is becoming an international commercial brand to all.. From timbering to killing, slaughtering and smuggling of animals, by this we showing our inhuman nature to all.

A person was penalized about 3 crore rupees for cutting trees. It is around $4,03,452.90 (United States Dollar).   

More than us GOVT. s should take initiatives to stop this kind of illegal activities. In India ‘Vanamahostva‘ or ‘forest festival’ is celebrated in every year in July 1 week for planting trees. Free plants are given to all blocks and also to individuals.

Let’s just stop this by taking initiatives.. 

Geologist, environmentalist, ecologist and several individuals are trying their hard to make a difference in this sector. People are aware now. Individuals are connecting to the nature friendly pages and post. We have also written some post, that are similar to your choice. 

Hope you will pay attention to these :

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It is in our Hand 

After reading the whole article on 7 benefits of the rainforest, now, you got the idea on how we are benefited by forest on the ground level. It will be sufficient if we call the rainforest as the  perfect source of LIFE.

To be straight to you Our generation and this upcoming 2-3 generation will decide whether this will be Green or Yellow. Our step and decision will decide the future. So, this step should start with you and with me. Let’s select green over yellow.