How to take care of a juniper bonsai | all in guide

How to take care of a juniper bonsai | all in guide

Bonsais are always special In appearance both in indoor and outdoors space. If you have a bonsai in your bedroom then it will help you to keep the moisture along day and night. If you are a beginner and don’t know about how to take care of a juniper bonsai then you can start with Ficus or a Juniper bonsai

Juniper bonsai is consider as the best beginner friendly tree to convert it into a bonsai. Generally, Juniper just doesn’t need loads of care and attention. 

Also juniper is a good resistant of pests, fungus and other problems. They are very strong and could be kept outside of the room. You don’t have to keep an eye on that  regularly.

In the previous article we have discussed the benefits of the bonsai tree and health effects. In this article we will discuss about the tutorial on juniper bonsai. Their will be step by step guide on miniature juniper keeping.

juniper bonsai plant
credit : unsplash, eduavow

If you are a beginner you should go with the juniper bonsai or with ficus instead of others. Simply it would be easier to grow a juniper rather than others. I will tell all the reason why it is easy to grow a juniper. 

Why you should have one ?

Why it is easy to grow a juniper :

If you have a big back yard or tiny garden then you can place it over there or you can also put it in a container. 

Generally bonsais are very sensitive and need more care than others but juniper bonsai need not seek that much attention from you. Comparison to others it is not that much sensitive to carry.

It is a strong tree that need full sunlight in day. It means you don’t have to put it under shade.

It can bear all the harsh season like summer, frost, winter cold and falling leaves in spring. Some changes occurs due to change in the season.

Though this tree doesn’t need much water so, you don’t have to set an alarm to water the plant. Cause sometimes we forgot that if we watered the plant or not. So, these are some of the plus point to start bonsai with juniper bonsai.

Now we should move the next phase of the juniper bonsai and how to start with it.

Before selecting a tree or juniper you should know the types of juniper among which you can choose one . 

So, in the previous article we have discussed about the origin of the bonsai tree. It is broadly known that bonsai art is developed in Chine but Japanese people give a new color to this art. 

Japan’s people made the miniature art live to the world. A certain group of people also attracted towards this art and merge their generation into it ! Some times we just get confused that which plant could be a bonsai. In answer, every plant type could be bonsai. But every plant have their own region to grow. They just can’t grow well in an another region or latitude.

But, in this science world every thing is getting possible. Bonsai is now secured a place in this race. Employees, gardeners are also attracted to juniper bonsai to start with. Juniper bonsai can grow in regions like 

1.Asian Countries

2.South American region



So, now if are belong to the among region and settled your mind to have a juniper then you can go with this options :-


  • 1.Chainensis juniperus
  • 2.Sargenti Juniperus
  • 3. Japanese neddle Juniperus
  • 4.Regiola Juniperus
  • 5.Sabina Juniperus
  • 6.Californica Juniperus
  • 7.Scopulorum Juniperus

Juniper Bonsai for sale :

First and foremost thing is to get a bonsai. Of course, you can’t start bonsai store Without a plant. For that you need to buy a Juniper bonsai through online or offline. That doesn’t matter from where you you have got the plant but it is very important that it should be green in color. 

If you are looking it online then I can help you in that .Before buying just check the reviews and check the plant condition after delivery. 

How to train a Juniper a Juniper Bonsai :

As in the above article you have already read much about the juniper types, reasons to keep one. Though Bonsai is not the best way to keep a plant with you but who have no garden or free space they must go with juniperus bonsai (for USA)to clean their house’s toxins. Bonsai also helps to provide oxygen in your house.

Now we will discuss about the steps on how to train a plant to get a perfect juniper bonsai. Lets find out>>


Potting is the first step of it. Put a container or tray in your garden or on your roof. Choose a suitable pot according to the size you want. Your pot should have should have the water drainage facility cause juniper’s root is not friendly with water. It loves kind of dry soil.

Making a base of soil, you should keep a sharp eye on what you are using in the soil. This is necessary because Bonsai needs fertilizers that help them survive. After the growth of bonsai or fungus on the pot you should repot it. This repotted process helps juniper to grow faster and to stay green.


To make make a healthy outdoor plant , you may use some good quality fertilizer. As we keep a future huge tree in a shrub shape we have to provide a different quality of soil to it. We are going against the nature by compressing a tree’s actual shape in a miniature form. It is also hard to maintain that form for months and years. 

Gardeners also use liquid booster for these kind of trees. Using a kind of rich and liquid fertilizer makes a juniper bonsai to thrive to its peak.


Junipers belong to cypress family which are evergreen trees. Bonsai always reflects your imagination and creatives of thinking according to its posture.  And you can give variety of posture and style to a juniper through wiring.

To wire a tree you have to mold the branches of it. You can give a cascade style look by wiring in a right way. With this techniques you have to continue the bend of wire to 2-3 months. Then remove it. In this time period it will grow according to your choice. 

You should not press hard on the bends unless it could break. Ensure that the wiring is made on whole body of the plant including the trunk. It is a bit difficult to bend the trunk cause it is strong wood.


Eventually, people who are beginners prune the bonsai in a regular basis. It is totally wrong. It can damage your plant and make it vulnerable. As bonsai making is called as the art of patience and creativeness you have to obey the following rules of pruning it. 

best pruner on amazon

Follow the write bonsai making method to grow a spectacular one. Especially you have be careful when you are pruning the three. Do not cut all the leaves, trim the tiny needle spikes of leaves. Wrong pruning or wrong scissoring can make your juniper bonsai bald !!

Prune your bonsai very carefully which will give your plant a perfect look. 

Prune the the tree only once in a year. You are not bound to prune the tree, first see the current conditions of the bonsai then decide what to do !

If you still can’t make a decision about that ask help which will develop your skills to an another level. 

Why Your Juniper Turning Brown ?

It is common that juniper bonsai turning brown in a particular season. But in other hand it has other reasons behind it. 

1.over watering the Juniper Bonsai

2.Under watering the Juniper bonsai

3.Lack of sunlight to the Juniper bonsai

So, as you read that watering and lighting also plays a vital role in bonsai caring. A well watered juniper bonsai will reflect your hours of hard work and dedication through it. So, you need a step by step guide for your cypress.   

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