5 best indoor plants That Gives most oxygen

Most Oxygen Giving Plants

Trees are very important factors to the environment. We have discussed about the 5 most oxygen giving trees and bonsai in our previous article. But now, we are going to discuss about 5+1most oxygen giving indoor plants

Indoor or outdoor, trees are trees. They just do their works no matter what kind of they actually are .Like in the process of photo synthesis almost every trees absorb the pollutants from the environment and make the air clean.

If we talk about the biggest tropical rain forest or like Amazonian rainforest, it helps the atmosphere by removing the deadly gases like carbon dioxide and other green house gases in a huge amount. 

Still and all what if you are living in a city where no such forest located. What can you do it increase the oxygen level in your own house ? 

What can you do in your living in such a polluted city or place like Delhi, Bangalore or any..

What can you do to inhale the pure air ?

Don’t you have any guesses ? Let me give you some ideas about this..

People in big cities adopted methods to grow oxygen level by planting indoor plants which gives most of the oxygen. 

Most oxygen giving indoor plants helps you to eradicate toxins from the atmosphere by naturally and increases the oxygen level. It also helps to keep the temperature cool by keeping the moisture.

Some studies says planting oxygen giving indoor plants is the excellent way to increase the oxygen level at your house.

The benefit of indoor or house plant is, it grows the stunning look of your house. People usually place it in living, roof, terrace, bedroom to enhance the beauty. 

It is also suggested that looking into the fresh plants keeps the calmness and the increases the concentration level at our work.

That’s why I sincerely suggest to get any of these indoor plants that I discussed in this below article.

Without doing any further delay lets dive into the post 5+1 most oxygen giving plants.

List of the 5+1most oxygen giving plants that you can purchase to keep inside your house are :

1.Snake plant

2.Areca Palm

3.Garbera Daisy

4.Aloe Vera

5.Tulsi/ Holy Basil


#1:Snake Plant

Among all the households plant snake plant is the most recommended one, Cause it is considered as the  best beginner friendly. Snake plant has the ability to release oxygen 24 hours in a day. 

Some Chinese people believe that having a snake plant in your house can bring you long life, prosperity, intelligence, beauty, art, poetry, health, strength all in a same time. 

Snake plant’s scientifically known as Sancevieria trifasciata. It famously called as the mother in law’s tongue, viper’s bowstring hemp, ST. George’s sword.

But, what are the benefits of planting a snake plant in your house .

What are the benefits of snake plant ?

As it is a plant you gonna get a lot benefits from this such as :

  1. It gives oxygen 24*7 in a day.
  1. It is considered as the best purifying house plant of all the time as 
  1. This removes toxins including harmful formaldehyde and benzene from your environment. 
  1. Most importantly it helps you to decorate your house.
  • it is harmful to pets like dog and cats and even human.
  • It can grow up to 6-12 feet in height
  • A bit acidic and alkaline soil helps it to achieve its perfect height.
  • It belongs to the native area of tropical and west Africa.
  • It is hard.
  • Although it is rare to see a groomed snake plant but the bloom time or season is spring.
  • Too much water can kill this plant.
  • You can buy this profitable plant from amazon online

Facts about the Snake plant:

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credit:pixabay, eduavow

#2: Areca Palm

Areca palm is a plant which looks alike to the coconut tree. It looks as it takes the 2nd place of most oxygen giving plants. It is otherwise known as dypsis lutescens.

This plant is also a normal plant to others as it needs water, sunlight and carbon dioxide to produce oxygen in your house. This foliage plant is very effective to maintain moisture around you and your house. 

This tree can grow 6-7 feet in height. This trees leaves are green and golden in color. It is kind golden mixed with green.

Does Areca Palm purify air?

Areca palm is a natural air cooler. It helps to reduce the xylene and toluene level from the air. This plant is also a very good air purifier.

If you are a person who living in a city area it could be air filter which will attract Sulphur dioxide and carbon monoxide from the air to provide you the pure oxygen.

Facts about Areca Palm:

It can grow up to 10-20 

Areca Palm needs Acidic , neutral soil to grow at its peak.

It belongs to Madagascar

It is not harmful to others.

Buy now areca palm.

#3:Garbera Daisy

Most of the people love flowers . They just don’t want to pluck it. Some people are mad to have flowering plant in their house. 

What if a flowering plant will give you the most amount of the oxygen .

Yes, gerbera one of the best beautiful flowering plant which provides a accountable amount of oxygen.

Gerbera plant fall as the 3rd element in the most oxygen giving plants list. Gerbera is also considered as the most oxygen giving flowering plant.

This plant is the easiest one to grow .It helps to eliminate pollutants around you.

Gerbera looks so pretty when they bloom in a mass number. 

People who have breathing problem, living in city areas, anxiety problem and concentration problem they should keep this plant near them.

This beautiful plant is available in amazon shopping site in different colors like orange, red, yellow, violet, white and more in auction… 

Facts about Gerbera plant :

  • 5th most cutting flower after the plants rose, tulip etc.
  • Grow by providing a good amount of oxygen.
  • Available mostly colors in rainbow.
  • It gives peace to mind and builds courage.
  • Gerbera plants are not edible commonly but you won’t die if you eat it.
  • Common use of gerbera is to decorate the parties.
  • Gerbera soaks the emits of your stove pollutants.
  • It need sunlight and heat to grow well.

So, you can put them on your balcony or near the window.

#4: Bamboo

Bamboo also commonly known as bambusoideae among the scientist. It is used as decorative piece, food (shoot), air purifier. As I discussed about bamboo vividly in the article of 5 most oxygen giving plant  and in bonsai, can make you to find its several ways to use.

Bamboo belongs to the grass family but blessed to remove increasing pollutant particles from the air. It also release pure oxygen which helps you to enhance your health and better respiratory system.

What are the benefits of bamboo ?

Bamboo tree has several benefits. They are as follows:

  • It gives more oxygen comparing to the others in this list.
  • It grows 35 inches in a day.
  • The grown shoot are edible and used in cooking in some part of Odisha.
  • It is also used in a bonsai form.
  • Bamboo grows in soils like loam and well drained soil.
  • It can grow up to 30 m and 20 cm in diameter.

Bamboo is the only resilience plant which survived the atomic attack in Hiroshima, Japan in 1945.It is strongly believed that some special species of bamboo can grow 36 inch with in 24 hours.

Bamboo is a great element which helps to clean the air pollutants more than 35% in comparing to the other trees. As it is a stable and strong plant it has the capacity to purify the air for many years.

#5:Aloe Vera

You can find many chemical beauty products contains the extract of aloe Vera. But aloe Vera usage are compressed not just in a narrow concept but it is a good producer of oxygen. This is why it takes the 5th place in the list of 5+1 most oxygen giving indoor plants list.

Aloe Vera’s unique muscular leaves and structure make it look different from others. In the process of photosynthesis aloe Vera produces oxygen in a huge amount than the expectation. Although it has a small structure but it never grasps release oxygen.

#6: Tulsi / Basil

Tulsi or Basil (English)is a common plant that you can find in India. This plant is connected with people by physically, mentally and spiritually. 

Tulsi has a effective role remove toxins from the atmosphere. That’s why we put tulsi in the place of #6 in the list of most oxygen giving indoor plants

In India basil are put in a soil pot in front of every single house. It also considered as the best air purifying plant which helps in cleaning air around us.

I t could be one of the reason why people of India put this tree in front of the house. 

This plant helps you to enhance your breathing system. It’s leaves are very helpful to cure common cold when intake with honey.

If you are suffering from soar throat you can have basil as drink (kadha).  

FAQ: Most oxygen giving plant

Q1. Is it bad to have plants in your bedroom ?

Ans: No, having a plant in your bedroom is not bad. Usually plant release carbon dioxide at night but their are some plants like aloe Vera, peepul (ficus religiosa), snake plant, orchid, gerbera release oxygen at night. They do release carbon dioxide but in a little amount which is not enough to harm you.

Q2: Is is bad to buy a money tree for yourself ?

Ans: No, buying a money tree wouldn’t bring bad luck. In India this rumor is well spread among the people. But this doesn’t make any sense. How can a tree would be the reason of bad luck while it is so beneficial.

Q3.Where is the best place to put a money tree?

Ans: The wall, on the desk of your office, front side of your shop or restaurant are the best places where you can put the money plant. You should put money plant on the south corner for the best result.

Q4. Are plants better than air purifier ?

Ans: Plants are always better than the artificial things made by the humans. It is always better than air purifier than cause

1.it is natural

2.cost effective

3.peace maker


5.easy to handle

6.have positive vibes

7.healthy to be around and most importantly not harmful at all.

Q5. Can plants kill you at night ?

Ans: No, plants can’t kill you at night. Plants produce much more oxygen in day time in comparison to that it takes at night. They don’t soak as much as oxygen which can kill you. So, don’t worry. Get a indoor plant to save your respiratory organs.

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At the End of the Article:

Trees or shrubs they are grown to clean the air, provide food to the all species on the earth, nectar to the bees, wood, medicine, and others. Without trees no species ,not a single one could survive on this planet. They are the best element of our ecosystem and also our best friend. In the above article we just talked about the 5+1 most oxygen giving plants but there are thousands out there. Like: 

  • Lilies 
  • Lavender 
  • Orchids 
  • Neem 
  • Jasmine 
  • Chamomile and others

Each and every plants are the real lungs of the earth and friend to us, Cause they takes our enemies like carbon dioxide, Sulphur monoxide etc. and emits oxygen to breathe, rain shower in the form of love.

 So, don’t ever hesitate to have a plant near you.

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