The effects of noise pollution is not only limited with birds, animals, plants or human being. The marine animals or the under water creatures also face the hard consequences of noise pollution which are thoroughly discussed below. 

Increasing noises or environmental noises in the sea makes so many troubles for those who live in the ocean. Human constructed noise making devices such as ships, oil drills, sonar devices and seismic test have made the marine environment noisy and loud.

Did you know that, the naval sonar devices can be as loud as 235 DB ? Yes, they do.

These sound is greater than a sound of thunder. The sound pressure of thunder is usually 165dB to 180 dB but can exceed to 200 dB. Back to the point, sonar devices like echolocation, work by sending pulses of sound down into the depths of the ocean to bounce off an object and return an echo to the ship.

This penetrating echo indicates the proper location of any kind of object. This loud noises of sonar devices do much harms to the marine animals like whale and dolphins.

These two animals get much affected by the echo of sonar devices as they rely on echo for finding food, mates and also to detect predictors. This loud noise travels hundreds of miles under water interfering with whales and dolphins ability to use echolocation.

Blue whales have become one of the endangered species on earth!!!

Military sonar and sonar devices which are responsible for making loud noises has many other side effects on the marine animals.

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You will definitely stunned by knowing that, the pound waves of military sonar can interfere with the hearing of marine animals in the radius of about 3000 kilometers. Is not it enough for us to control noise pollution ??

There are a lot of other side effects noise pollution on marine animals which need to be discussed.

The environmental noises made by human activities are also responsible for damaging the organs like brain and lungs of these innocent creatures. 

These noises also make the animals to panic and further cause death! 

Do you want to know how ?

Then read the article completely.

When these animals get panic and surface too fast, it results nitrogen bubbles to form in their blood. This causes decompression sickness to them. This resulting embolism leads to death of these animals. 

So, this is the short article about the effects of noise pollution to the marine animals. See, the earth is made for all of us. This “US” contributes animals, birds, marine animals, plants, humans etc. How it would become to have only humans around us. We have to understand that we need them instead of they need us. So try your best to minimize the noise pollution.