Have you ever see a tiny leafy tree on anyone’s office desk or business desk, which planted on a pot or vessel ? If it yes, then you probably know that this trees are bonsai trees.  There is no doubt that a tree is beneficial to all. Even a piece of matured tree can provide oxygen to four member’s family.
Some people have this excellent hobby to plant a tree or keep a tree near to him. This kind of people are more valuable for both mankind and for environment. In this digital world we are running out of oxygen and planting trees can help us to solve that problem. 
If you haven’t a yard to put seed then you can go with bonsais. They also provide oxygen and there are also a number of benefits of a bonsai .That’s why a business man or an employee put it on their desk. 
So, let’s go and get the benefits of  bonsai trees in this page>>
Before going through the benefits of  bonsai trees, we should know a little bit more about 

1.what is a bonsai ?

Bonsai is a miniature form of a tree. It mimic the size, shape of a tree. So this is just a defination of a bonsai.
Miniature plants are the small cute sample of those huge tree species which we see around us. The special process of making bonsai, don’t let the trees to get its real size. 
health benefits of bonsai trees, how to take care of a bonsai

2.Origin place of these plant ?

This process first discovered in ancient China and then popularly developed in Japan. This art is called Penjing or Penzai. Japanese people make it popular through out the world in comparison to China.
Popularity of these plants are spreaded more that 30 countries. Like US, UK, India, China, Japan, Korea and others. People love to have a bonsai in front him/her. Japan have developed some special secretes of growing bonsai on their own.
It is true that their are some plants older than 600 years which are kept in japan as bonsai. They just took care of these by generation to generation. 
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Did you know: some of rare bonsai can cost you more than $1000 dollars. From these you can estimate it’s popularity.
In this money making process the artist mold the plant and don’t let it to get its normal size.  And this whole process needs untold patience from the artist. Although this process affect the amount of oxygen production still we can boost oxygen amount by planting this 5 most oxygen giving trees.
So, above information were small description on bonsai tree. Now we are go discuss about the different kind of  bonsai plants. We will also talk which plant you should buy to make a better bonsai.

What are the types of Bonsai trees ?

Making of these king of trees the says that there are no specific tree that you can covert it into a bonsai. Any tree even a road side tiny plant could  be a better bonsai. All it needs is your creativity. Your creativeness will reflect on your plant size and shape. But there is a twist in this part. There are some specific species which take a beautiful shape after the change. 
This below list will tell you Some varieties of bonsai to choose :
3.Acer Palmatum
4.Ginkgo Biloba
6.Betula Pendula
8.Serissa Foetida
9.Cormona Retusa
When you grow these plants in your living space it enhance the beauty of that space. It reflects the nature among on your room. Among all of the plant types Ficus is considered as the best for beginners.
So, you got a brief idea which type of plant you goanna adopt..
Now, we will talk on how we can take care of a bonsai plant ?

How to to take care of a bonsai plant :

Before taking care of a bonsai you need a plant of that kind. You can get a plant from your near by environment or you can buy it online
Only you have to do is to type on google : bonsai near me. Then tens of results will be shown to you. After getting a plant you should follow this steps to modify your plant into a proper shape. Simply a plant needs love, care, water, fertilizer and patience to grow.
bonsai on office desk, benefits of bonsai
source: google images
Get a pot or vessel and put your plant on it. Give some good quality fertilizer to it. For that it can grow more faster. But don’t let it to get a bigger size. After having some tiny branches you need to start the process of pruning . 
Ohh..oh I forget to tell you that these kind of trees are very, make sure that you put it in a shady place.. Watering process should be done in regular basis..
So, we are on pruning process. For pruning you need an expert. Cause the shape of the tree depends upon the pruning and trimming. There is one of the best trainer who can help you in this whole process. Training will help you shaping the tree in a proper way. 
Then brush your plant’s roots when there are lot amount of fungous. The special pot  which you buy online will help you to drain the water properly by keeping the fertilized soil wet. These strategies are very impactful on bonsai.

Things You Need :

  1.  Bonsai Plant      (specially for Indians)
  2. Fertilizer             (specially for Indians)
  3. Soil                       
  4. Pot / Vessel        (specially for Indians)
  5. Watering Hose   (Specially for Indians)
  6. Brush                   (specially for Indians)
  7. Special Training to Grow Your skill
  8. Bonsai plant toolkit
We are done on this part. We read about the origin of bonsai, how to take are of a bonsai, now we will discuss the main query which was, benefits of bonsai trees.

7 Benefits of a bonsai tree :

Benefit No 1: Works as an air purifier 

Being a small plant it works harder than it could. Trees are very good air purifier, it gives oxygen which cool down the heat of the air. Like this bonsai also works as air purifier. You can consider it as better as other high rated artificial air cooler. This also eradicates the toxins from the room. Some of plants gives oxygen 24 hours. You can imagine how beneficial they are!!

Benefit No2 : Lower The Stress

Being in a family you face lots of family drama, and in office order’s of the boss. This situations push you into a depression. If you have a plant in your bed room then you’r surely share your stress with it. It will help you to reduce your stress. It also helps to maintain your blood pressure. 
It works as a psychological partner. if you share your things with plant then the relationship between you and it become stronger. It never let you be alone.

Benefit No 3 : Taught Patience

Plants take a lot time to become full grown. these kind of tree take more time than others. The regular work like watering, pruning, trimming, brushing could make you restless but also turn you into a responsible man. People who have indoor plants are very calm and cool in nature. 
When you cut the branches of a plant it look like a completely bald head. But time heal every thing. The bald tree become leafy again. All I want to say that it will consume your restlessness and give you the lession of patience. So be prepare for that.

Benefit No 4: Enhance Your Creativity 

Like any other tree Fucious, oak, banyan could be a bonsai. But the process of making it beautiful is depend on you. As patience it also consume your creativity and reflects it on its structure. The shape shows of the plant , how much hard work you have done to create this.  
Your creativeness may create master piece which could be sold $1000. Who Knows. After all of these always remember that your one mistake will destroy the whole shape of the tree. So be careful when you wearing and cutting the tree. Your thought will reflect on it.

Benefit No 5: Maintain Humidity  

Studies says that bonsai is capable to maintain the humidity in your indoor rooms. It also helps to reduce your health issues. Study also says that who have plant inside their rooms they fall less problems like Soar throat, cold, coughs. People breathe more pure oxygen who have a bonsai inside.

Benefit No 6: Creates a Peaceful Environment

Some businessman put bonsai in front of their business desk. Why did they do that ? They says it brings him more profit. More profit means more peace in life. Truly who wouldn’t love profit. Through this they can provide a good life to their family. 
It also spread a spiritual mindset among your family. Gives the courage that you can solve any mess. The plant and the person connected very closely. So it impact you a lot.
Last but not the least 

Benefit No 7: Memorable Gift 

Most of the people give artificial gifts which are made of plastic, glass which causes pollution. But a gift of a plant could be unique and memorable. When the person sees the plant or water the plant he/she will remind you. It will not expensive one.

Conclusion :

In the above points i have tried my best to cover all the benefits of  bonsai trees. At last i can say that the process of growing a plant in a natural way or artificial way is vary relaxing to experience.
Your hard work, dedication, love, care, attention helps you to capture those beautiful memories. Sweet memories like watering the plant, brushing its root, seasonal leaf fall, bloom of flowers are amazing.  
This whole process converts you in to a different person. It molds your aspects, vision also. By releasing your stress it makes you a steady person and nurture your self confidence at the same time. 

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