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If you googled to find out what is the most oxygen giving tree then you’re in a correct address. But before taking a dive into the post you should know about this problems of the world and today you will take initiative for this.

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An intro to your query: 5 most oxygen giving trees

We are surrounded by natural things which are made with lot of natural and man made things. In sum of, our world is perfect combination of those things. Until we keep the balance. Our Environment or your environment is made of water, huge land area, blue sky, green grass, bloomed flower, gases and last but not the least trees. 

If you see trees in a daily basis then you can not find nothing but much leaf, root or big trunk and you underestimate it as a normal thing in your life. 

But, if you observe a tree then you can find a lot of beneficial features of it. 

You can find trees are everywhere outdoor, indoor, in your garden over the mountain, in the ocean. That stuff named plant around us is so beneficial for us. Trees grows, where they found soil, sunlight and proper environment

In this picture a green leafy oak tree is shown and it is considered as one of the most oxygen giving trees most, oxygen giving trees, plant a tree, evergreen trees facts
photo: Pixabay, eduavow

Let me tell you that trees gives us oxygen, food, flower, fiber, medicine, shade, fruit, shelter to million tiny lives. The whole food chain is depend upon the tree. plant being a natural element is so important to keep that balance between nature and us.

Plants are the only source which can produce food of its own without our help. It contributes more oxygen by absorbing pollutants from the environment . It is like a high quality natural air purifier which works to provide purified air to breathe both by human and animals.

5 MOST OXYGEN GIVING TREES : Lets take a quick look 



3.banyan tree

4.oak tree


 #1. Douglas-Fir –

Douglas-Fir’s is also named as PSEUDOTSUGA MENZIESII in botany. It capture the #1 position top of the 5 most oxygen giving trees list. These kind of trees are the highest oxygen producing trees to the environment. It is an evergreen leaf tree and mostly found in rainforests. 

There are 6 species alike to this plant. It is found in native western north America. Colombian pine, Douglas spruce, oregeon fir are the pet names of it.. The power of emitting oxygen of this plant is comparatively more than other trees. 

The level of oxygen producing power is excellent. Douglas-Fir grows at a fair rate. It could be 20-100m (70-330ft) tall and having diameter of 8ft . It’s Leaves are flat, soft, liner and 2-4cm long. 

Douglas-Fir grows well in drained deep soil and acidic soil. If it finds a suitable atmosphere it accelerate its growth rate. Little more amount moisture in the environment gives the fuel to get a rapid growth speed..

That’s why it ranked on the top of the list..

This tree gives a high level of oxygen to the environment and absorb million tones of carbon dioxide from the climate.

Except all of these Douglas-fir are found in three types and they are :

1.Coast Douglas-fir

2.Rockey mountain Douglas-Fir

3.Mexican Douglas-Fir

Usage of Douglas Fir :

  • Use as Christmas tree
  • Skin care oil
  • To cure stomach aches, headache and common cold

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#2.Banyan Tree :

Have you ever saw a banyan tree around you ? If it is yes, then am sure that you never ever noticed such interesting facts about tis plant..

The second most oxygen producing tree is banyan tree. This plants are very essential for the environment and grew some unique tactics to grow well among the human society. 

It require medium amount of water, rain and has round shaped leaf to emit maximum amount of life saving gas that we take as breathe. Banyan trees are commonly found in India. it grows at a much much good amount in India. In comparison to Douglas-fir.  Banyan trees also has an amazing production capability of oxygen. It has a big rounded trunk and strong roots to soak water from deep of the soil.

Banyan tree has a special feature in it. it can use its branches as roots and then that roots converts into plants.

From the spiritual corner of India banyan tree plays a vital role. In Sanskrit (the oldest language of the world) banyan tree is named as “Butt Briksh”. Banyan trees are worshiped at most places in India. According to Indian mythology trees are very special to us. It is believed that Sri Hari Vishnu lives in it.

Although having special spiritual value it emits oxygen through the photosynthesis process using tones of carbon dioxide from the air.

As you read the term photosynthesis, you should take a quick look or can remember  your old studies on it. common dive in..

Usage of Banyan Tree:

  • to get shade in summer season
  • every part of this tree used as medicine
  • people used to worship it
  • its wood used as fuel

Photosynthesis :

As you had read in your miner studies, every plant’s leaf on the earth uses sunlight, carbon dioxide (CO2), Nitrogen gas (NO2), Water molecules collected from the roots and several minerals were sent to leaf. After that  these transferred from trunk to stem and then stem to leaf. After all these critical process leaf start making food by following those six molecules. Overall it is like : 

6CO2+6H2O———>(Photosynthesis process) C6H12O6+6O2

As the above formula you can see that, there is a huge use of carbon dioxide in a large quantity. That is the power of a plant to soak toxins from the air.

So we have a brief discussion on photosynthesis. We should go further according to our list. In our list Spruce Falls next. 

So lets take a look on it…

Special tips for Bonsai tree care..

#3. Spruce : 

When it comes to an opinion pole it always questioned that, Is spruce a kind of pine tree ? It is the most common question asked about a tree on google!!! And the straight answer to it is No. Spruce belongs the pine species but it is not alike to them. 

When I was writing this part of the blog post,, I was wondering that how to identify a spruce tree ?

The answer is-to Looking at its niddle !!! Which have four side…

Another way to identify a spruce tree is its cones.. They are covered with smooth thin scales.

The botanical name of Spruce is Genus Picea. These plants can be 20-60m tall (about 200ft) at its maturity time.

Have you ever heard that a 100ft tall spruce tree having 18inch diameter base  emits 6000pounds of oxygen in a year? If you heard this kind of ability then type “yes” in the comment section.

As spruce is a member of evergreen tree.. we can say that it has the power to take tones of pollutants in it, and I think that these above data have shown you the ability of releasing oxygen to the atmosphere and also taking the harmful gases into it is truly excellent. isn’t it!!

If we count Douglas-fir as the best then it comes around it..

DID YOU KNOW: A large three can give up to 6540 pounds of oxygen. That is enough for a four member family to consume.

Usage of Spruce: 

  • heavily used in paper production
  • Sounding board in piano, violin
  • making doors, interior trim, paneling and other furniture

#4.The Bamboo: 

The Botanical name of bamboo is Bambu Soidaea. The most uncommon grass. The tallest and fastest growing grass on the earth. It comes 4th place on the 5 most oxygen giving trees list.

Our ecosystem needs such elements which will provide both life saving gas and water shower. Yes, it is right that bamboo gives much much amount of gas as a well mature tree gives. It also has a excellent power to soak air pollution at a effective rate.

Bamboo has the record of fastest growing plant on the earth. You will be shocked to knowing that, it can grow upto 47.6 inches in a single day. have you known to this?

It is believed that bamboo were planted in China in a huge amount before some decade!! Bamboo plays a vital role to keep balance between oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen gas and others.

If you plant bamboo it will reduce soil erosion by 25%. Bamboo is a great fighter against natural disaster like storm and cyclone. You can say it as the best soil conversion tool of these decade. 

It needs a solid base, fertilizer and bamboo seed to get the benefits such as bamboo shoot (as food), Fiber to make clothes and also a flexible supportive thing to make house.

DID YOU KNOW: Bamboo is the only plant which has self developed itself after the deadly attack of Atom bomb in Hiroshima, 1945.

Usage of Bamboo : 

  • Used in Construction and production of furniture
  • Heavily used in paper production
  • used as a decorative object
  • Bonsai making
  • some part in Odisha bamboo is also  used in bridge making

#5.Oak Tree :

The unique features fight with us to put it in the list at 5th place of 5 most oxygen giving trees. Before this selection Maple, Beech and Asoka tree were excellent competition to be in this place. But special things about this plant made us to put on 5th place.. 

Oak tree is scientifically known as Quercus. It is a rare tree which provides oxygen both in day time and at the night. It is also known for its tail shaped leaf. As to the other plants it also exercise the process of producing air, water molecules and glucose using those six important molecules which I discussed earlier.

Oak tree gives oxygen most of months except spring. The beautiful leaf mass take a fall towards the ground. Oak tree can reach height up to 100 ft. (150ft in suitable situation). The special designed leaves were developed to purify the air in a effective rate. It is a most common tree which are found in India. And often worshiped..

There are 3 types of oak trees :

1.White oak tree

2.Red oak tree

3.Black oak tree 

DID YOU KNOW: Buddha got his enlightenment under a Oak tree…

Trees plays a very vital role in climate change. The direct impact of cutting trees and deforestation felt in both polar area. Thousands of animal, birds, mammals, reptiles are suffering for our greediness’. 

You, your family and we all should be conscious about it. We could change the map of our beloved earth. A single tree contribution in a year could change the life of Amazonian animals, forest and tribes. 

In this picture a father and his son planting a tree, most oxygen giving trees, plant a tree, evergreen trees
source : Google images

Our extra consumption power is a deadline of an innocent animal. We are not only here to read this post and comment but know which tree can be more impactful on the environmental change. See, we can stop it. It is in our hand.

People should be conscious about the actions which they are taking in day to day life. Oxygen is not a thing which we can purchase in the market. It is all about our single pure breathe. No breath no Life. As we are believing in a quality lifestyle, parallel we should believe in a quality of air breathe. No air conditioner (AC) can give the satisfaction of a tree. 

The forgiveness, greatness and loving nature make me to bow down in front of it.

 You have to accept the reality of oxygen case happing in new Delhi India, the deforestation in Amazonian, instinct wildlife, the reality of polar bear, global warming and many more happing around you. You can’t deny it. But their are some people who’s greediness denying this truth!! Don’t be one of them.

We just can’t be blind. If we pretend to be like that today. Then our tomorrow will be in Dark!!!! 

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