All the pollution around us have the strength to ruin our future. But they can prevented if we take certain steps and get alert. So, here are the some certain steps that how can we stop noise pollution that we can implement in our life. 


noise pollution road construction
Machine Work

Is noise can ever be a pollution!! Above image is the perfect answer for our thought.

Every single drop of water makes the ocean. In this way if every single person like you contribute themselves to stop noise pollution then it will become so easy to eradicate noise pollution completely. You can put on ear plugs instead of loud speaker to minimize the noise.

 You can use noise absorbing materials at home such as rugs and carpets. Make sure you close your windows are sealed when you are using noise making electrical appliances. 

Install roller shutter ,remember to turn off electrical appliances when you don’t need them. You can further  Invest in noise friendly flooring.

Apart from that many scientifically research have shown that planting trees is way more beneficial that these procedure. If you really want to reduce noise around you. But do you know how ?


Do trees reduce sound ? Fascinating question isn’t it !!

But it is true that trees contribute themselves to reduce noise pollution. According to the USDA National Agro Forest Centre, a properly designed buffer of trees and shrubs can reduce noise by about 5-10 DB. The amount may be about 50% as perceived by the human ear.

A North California State University report also states that a well placed tree can reduce noise as much as 40%. If you want to plant a tree then the cotton woods would be the best option for you. These trees are especially good at noise reeducation. 

It can even contribute a bit more sweetness by strong rustling sound because of their leaf shape.

You can also plant holy bushes to minimize the noise. These trees are excellent in reducing noise at ground level. They have thicker woods and large lives which become beneficial .

reduce noise pollution by holy bush

By planting a tree you are not just planting a noise reducer as you are planting a home for about 25000 creatures. These 25000 creatures in a single tree. 

So, start planting and become a part of solution.

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