how noise pollution affect your health ? effects on human body


Before this post we have discussed about the definition of noise pollution broadly. 

Many scientific study have recommended that, it is harmful to stay more than 15 minutes of unprotected exposure to sounds that are 100 DB. Regular exposure to sounds at 110 DB for more than one minutes can lead you permanent hearing loss!! 

Isn’t it shocking ?

noise pollution, effects on human body, health problem for noise pollution
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Do you exposure yourself  noisy  environment  in daily basis ? Then, you should change your bed habits cause exposure to prolonged or excessive  noise has been shown to cause many hazardous health effects.

It can cause health problems ranging from stress poor concentration , loss of productivity in the work place and communication difficulty. It can further include fatigue from lack of sleep.

To more serious issues noise pollution can further cause Cardiovascular Disease, Cognitive impairment, tinnitus and hearing loss. 

According to WHO(World Health Organization) (2011 report), at least 1 million life are lost each year in Europe alone due to noise pollution. The members of these report also had stated that “While others forms of pollution decreasing, noise pollution in increasing in a tremendous amount.”

There is a another interesting fact that you won’t even know in related to noise pollution!! Check it out below>>

Many sounds that we are not even listening are harming us the most. Our body is an amazing mechanism !!

The human ear is extremely sensitive and collect all the noises around us that we are not even listening. Even though you sleep your ears are still working. They collect all the noises around you and transfer them to the brain.

So, although you are not listening but you are forced to listen all the noises of traffic, air craft, train, buses or even music. (This is why when we listen soft music it has a positive vibe on our Mind when we are sleeping..)

Due to noise pollution, your body has to react these noises in a different ways while you are sleeping. These reactions are takes place by your nervous system that travel to all the parts of the body and the hormones are also released by the brain!!!

These unwanted works functioned by your nervous system and your body may lead to tired ness because of interrupt sleep. These also cause impaired memory and creativity, Impaired judgement and weak psychomotor skills. 

Many scientific studies have found that the people leaving airports or busy roads have a higher risk of headaches and take more sleeping pills. Are you one of them ?  Then continue your reading to find what kind of health problem you are going to face >>

Noise pollution creates more serious problem that you have ever imagined. This is even more serious when you know that, these unconscious hearing while you are sleeping may cause blood pressure and raising Heart rate. Even if you don’t wake up, it appears that continual noise sets of the body’s acute stress response. 

These miner issues that you are always neglecting may lead to potentially mobilizing, and Cardiovascular disease.  

So, these are slow impact of noise pollution that can gain you a high health damage. If we summarize the post we can find that Hearing loss, stress, deafness, blood pressure and Cardiovascular diseases and many more are the co-product of the noise pollution.

So, this is how your body is affected by noise around you..