Everyone can guess what noise pollution actually is ? To be frank ,mankind is the real pandemic on earth. We the humans are the real culprit of almost every  hazardous pollutions that you are experiencing now. Including the noise pollution

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Back to the point what is the definition of noise pollution ? You can surely guess that noise pollution known as environmental noise or sound pollution, is the propagation of irritating and harmful noises with a ranging impacts on the human and animal life. 

Noise  pollution in short answer can be defined as the regular exposure to elevated sound levels that may lead to adverse and harmful effects. Mostly to the humans and living organisms.

Noise pollution one of the most increasing world issues that upgrading its graph with a tremendous rate due to human activities. According to current data (March 20,2020), it is estimated that the environmental noise contributes to 48,000 new cases of Ischemic heart diseases and about to 12,000 pre-mature deaths.

In this way, you can estimate that how murders Noise  pollution is !!

According to European Environmental Agency (EEA), noise  pollution is alone responsible for about 16000 pre-mature deaths and more than 72,000 hospitalization every year only in Europe.

Even WHO (World Health Organization), also has stated a stressful comment on noise  pollution that – It is one of the most dangerous environmental threats to human health. 


The noise pollution that we all are ignoring can be so brutal to somebody’s life that you could never imagined !!

A shocking rape case occurred in India is directly linked to noise pollution. Anil Mittal an engineer had filed this case to the Audience.

He stated that “A 13 years old girl a victim of rape cried for help at the time of this sorrowful incident .”

The only reason that her crying voice went unheard because of the blaring sound of loudspeakers at the neighborhood. Could you ever imagine that only listening music with loudspeaker can spoil anybody’s life as it DID !!! 

Stay alert about your Activity!!