Have you ever heard about the amazon river ? then you must beware of its importance and significance . but how much of its significance you know cause it has so many unrevealed factors which are yet to be discussed. 

The amazon rivers not only responsible for expanding the earths sinetic beauty but also plays a very essential corrector for the stability and normality of our environment . but do you know why it is so popular among us? well in this informative article i am gonna discuss all the important stuff that you should know about the amazon river.


The necessity and the helps of the amazon river  has made it as one of the most crucial river of the world . the map of the amazon river and many geographical researches have found that ,it is the second largest river of the world after the NILE RIVER .

The amazon river is located in the northern portion of south America and floes from west to east .This river originates from the ANDES mountains of Peru and emerges into the Atlantic ocean by flowing at list 6400 km or 4000 miles which makes it as the second largest river of the world .

According to the US geological survey, the drones  basin of amazon is estimated to cover an area of 6300000squre km or 24000squre miles .this drones basin of amazon is responsible for covering 35.5% of south American continent .

 According to Wikipedia , this river begins at the Andes mountains at the west of the basin with its main tributary , the maranon river ; Apurimac river and the pic of yerupaja (6635metres) is known as the highest point of the watershed of the amazon.


The amazon river is so environmentally friendly and has the highest discharge rate of fresh water into the Atlantic ocean. The discharge rate fresh water of amazon is incredible that, it discharged water is equal to the combined discharge of the next 7 largest rivers.

The amazing amazon river is a heck of a massive tributary. The facts of the amazon river is so much fascinating that it also measured as the widest river in the world. According to Extreme science, during the dry season the width of the amazon river ranges about 6.8miles or 11 kilometer which is still a respectable width but during the rainy season the width surprisingly increase.

It maximizes it’s width to the 3 times than the dry season. In rainy days the width of the amazon river increase and becomes 24.8 miles or 40 kilometers. Is it not so huge to be the most width river ? this is the reason why  no bridges are ever made by the amazon river !!

The amazon river also has a amazing depth. The majority of the river has depth around 20 to 50 meter or 66 to 164 feet .Expert studies also have found that the minimum depth of the amazon river can be 20 meters or 66 feet and the maximum depth can be 100metre or 330 feet .

did you know that amazon river is the river which is responsible for discharging   the most amount of the fresh water into the Atlantic ocean ? yes it is!! Roughly 73,81,000 cubic feet of water is drained  into the Atlantic ocean in each second. just imagine a blink of an eye and 209000qbic meters of water is already drained by the amazon river into the ocean 

Many studies have found that this discharge is greater than the next seven great river combined .

This massive discharge of water accounts about 6,591qbic km of water per annum . In this way  this great river represents about 20%of the global riverine discharge to the ocean .You will be surprised by knowing that ,the amazon basin is the largest drainage basin in the world with an area of 70,00,000 square km or 27,00,000 square miles.

Although the amazon river is not the longest river in the world but has so many brilliant capacities that any other river in the world could ever has . As it carries  the most of the water in it in comparison to Nile ,empties 58 million gallons or 219 million litters of water into the Atlantic ocean  in every second . 

From all these incredible features you can  possible imagine  how great the amazon river is !!  You may believe or not the map of amazon river indicates that ,this while river system is majored as a slightly shorter than the Nile river but it is still equivalent to the distance from New York to Rome .


The amazon river is a wide ranged river started it’s journey from the high Andean mountain range of Peru, namely the three rivers of mantar (the furthest of stream source) Apurimac (the most distance uninterrupted source ) and maranon (the main source of this river by volume). 

After starting from the Andes mountains , the amazon makes its long path through 6 south American countries. Yes, 6 countries !! This countries include Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia and Venezuela. Only Brazil occupies above 2/3 of the river itself. 


The Andes become the origin of amazon because this following reasons. 

The high Andean mountain ranges act as a wall blocking the warm, moist air moving from the east which further results in heavy persistent rainforest. This heavy rainfall consistently feeds the amazon headwaters. 

The amazon river alone contains 1100 tributaries and 17 of them are more than 930 miles (1497 KM) making it as the largest drainage system in the world. 

According Encyclopedia Britannica, this river serves the world by concluding 1/5 of all the water that runs on the earth’s surface. Are you enjoying by knowing the facts of Amazon!! then read more..

After knowing all these stuff you must be fascinated by knowing that why ‘Amazon’. How did this river got it’s name ‘amazon’? and who did discover this river ? Then read this article which gonna help you to find out your quarries!!

Spanish soldier and 1st European explorer named Francisco-De-Orellana had discovered The amazon river in 1542. He gave the river its name ‘amazon’  after reporting pitched battles with tribes of female warriors, whom he likened to the amazons of Greek Mythology. 

In June 1542 Orellana’s expedition was severely attacked by a group of vary much skilled archers that he thought were women. He was so much inspired by the warrior women from the Greek mythology and named the river as amazon river. After then a year he returned to Spain. The king gave the explorer permission to Govern the land and river that he discovered.

The tempted story behind the amazon river must have encouraged you to know many other specialties of  it. Am i right !!! To feed your quarries you should read the last section of this article which talks about the Amazonian tribes who depend on the amazon river and most importantly the life on the amazon river. 

The amazon basin is one the greatest and suitable hotspot for the animals in the world. The basin is so much suitable that it has been counting as the highest fresh bio-diversity on the earth. 

This is responsible for including more than 3,000types of fishes in it. It also drives the amazon rainforest ecosystem which further include 10 million different species of plants animals, insects and birds. 

According to export studies 40,000 plant species, 3,000 fresh water fish species, 370 types of crocodiles and 1 in 10 known species in the world are found in The amazon rainforest. The amazon is one of the earth’s last refuges for many animals including Amazonian jaguars, happy eagles, pink river dolphins, sloths, black spider monkeys and many more. 

This entire eco-system is so much important that about 10% of the world’s known species found in it.


The amazon river has distributed its helps on all among us. All of us such as plants, animals even mankind directly depend upon this river. As you know amazon is the  home of 1 million Indians which is further divided into 400 tribes each having their own languages, culture and territory. Most of the Amazonian tribes who live by the river  use the fertile soil for agriculture, growing fruits and vegetable and corns and beans. 


The tribal groups such as Enawere Nawe is totally dependent on the amazon river. This particular tribal group is not allowed to eat red meat , So they fishing from the amazon river for their livelihood.


I have thoroughly discussed about the significance of the amazon river. You can surely imagine its beauty and importance. If you ever visit any of the places where the amazon river is located you can enjoy and fill your heart with full of good memories and sinetic beauty .

You can find the amazon rainforest map or the amazon basin map on google maps. Please comment down below , i just want to know how many of you eager want to visit or  have visited this wonder of the world.