Acid rain is one of the brutal consequence of air pollution. The lowering rate of air quality leads to acid rain which is now becoming one of the  most hazardous environmental issue. The acid rain is so impactful that, every corner of the earth  is now facing the effects of acid rain. 

You must curious to know more about the effects of acid rain. The questions such as What are the effects of acid rain? What are the effects of acid rain on plants and environment? Why is acid rain harmful? What are the dangerous effects of acid rain on humans? must have raised in your mind and bothering you, is not it? Then read the following article which concludes all your answers in it. So, lets find out all these answers. 

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Healthy environment is one of the main constituent for the life on earth. This is why the environmental protection should be one of our main priority. But through Acid Rain we are just damaging our own environment and livelihoods. 

Acid rain is responsible for the hazardous environmental degradation and environmental problems including ecological effects, reduced reproduction of aquatic life species, accumulation of toxic aluminum and heavy metals in soil and water, loss of biodiversity and many more. 

According to EPA (2013),  acid rain was mainly responsible for the lowering rate of the global environmental sustainability. This report also had reported that acid rain was also responsible for the depletion of ozone layer. The effects of acid on the environment further include the declining rate of health and environmental effects of particle matter. 

The effects of acid rain on environment is mainly seen in the aquatic environment. Many of the aquatic animals are not able to live in a acidified water condition. The aquatic environments like streams, lakes get easily acidified after a shower of acid rain. 

These acidified water bodies flows through the soil. It also leaches out the aluminum from these soil, clay particles thus causing a hazardous situation and becomes a culprit towards the environmental pollution.



Plant stand in first position for environmental protection. But they are the major species who face most of the effects caused by human activities. The effects of acid rain on plants are so impactful. Acid rain can affect the plant through directly or indirectly. It is also responsible  for affecting the physiological functions of plants by damaging the tissues of plant and mainly disturbs the process of photosynthesis.

The acid rain can harm a plant through physiologically or through geochemically.

The physiological Structure of Plant varies from One tree to another. Different trees have the  different Efficiency  to face  acidified  water condition. To physiological Manner, The young rootlets and leaf shoots are very sensitive to low PH condition. Thus, acid rain effects the plants through their physical structure.


 Acid rain also affects the trees by Leaching the aluminum from the soil. This  aluminum  can be so much harmful to the plant and animals. When acid rain occurs the soil is forced to soak the acidified water  making the pH of soil more acidic. As the soil is a acidic the plant are forced to absorb this water for the process of photosynthesis.

This acidified  water also affects  the composition of soil hence makes difficulties for plants. In this way the effects of acid rain on soil makes the plants to grow with difficulties.

Other difficulties  such as stimulating abnormalities in the metabolism of plants, decreasing rate of photosynthesis and diversity of nitrogen composition,  difficulties in Sulphur metabolism occurs in plants due to acid rain. These harms to the plants due to acid rain are not environmentally friendly.

 Plants largely depend upon the nutrients of soil. These nutrients mainly include magnesium and calcium .The Plants depend upon  these nutrients to become healthy. But when acid rain occurs, it disturbs the composition of these nutrients making more difficulties for the plants. The tropical rainforest plants and animals face many difficulties due to acid rain .So, these are the effects of acid rain on plants. 


Every animal on the earth  is much concerned about It’s health. As like others, We are also much concern about it. Human interaction with environment is not good enough, this is why the rate of acid rain is increasing and pushing us to face many difficulties including our health. The effects of acid rain on humans are much less than the effects of acid rain on plants and environment.

The effects of acid rain on human is not usually directly. It has been seen that swimming in acid rain affected lake is no more dangerous than swimming in a usual clean water lake. Acid rain looks, feels and tastes just like normal drinking water. But the effects of acid rain can do harm to many sensitive group of people like those who are affected by asthma and any other lungs disease.

The tiny particles of the gases of nitrogen oxides and Sulphur dioxide which are mainly responsible for acid rain have the capability to harm the human being. These tiny gas molecules interacts with the atmosphere to form fine sulphate which is bad for human health. Nitrate particles which can be transmitted to a long distance by wind and inhaled deep into the lungs of people.

After inhaling these gases, they can show the symptoms of coughing, sore throat , shortness of breath or either suffocation. Inhaling Sulphur dioxide can cause irritation to nose, eyes, throat and lungs. The symptoms can also include sore throat, running nose, burning eyes and cough.

Inhaling high amount of Sulphur dioxide can also cause swollen lungs and difficulties in breathing. Skin contact with Sulphur dioxide vapor can even cause irritation and burns.

Many scientific studies have identified a crucial relationship between the elevated level of fine particles and increased illnesses and even pre mature death due to heart and lungs disorders. These lungs disorders mainly include asthma and bronchitis. So these are the side effects of acid rain on human health.


These whole article is all about the effects of acid rain on environment, plants and human health. Acid rain is a product of air pollution and deforestation. If we can control them the acid rain can eventually be controlled. By taking the preventions we can easily beat the effects of acid rain.