The importance of the amazon rainforest is much vital for earth and for us. It’s existence is so impactful that if the amazon rainforest ever disappears the results will be much horrifying. This results will include severe climate change, more number of drought, longer dry spells, soil erosion and many more.

 Apart from that amazon rainforest is the biggest rainforest in the world by covering almost 5,500,000SQ.KM . But the question is what is the history of the amazon rainforest ? And most importantly how it was formed ? Let’s find them out together.

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IMPORTANT FACT : You will be stunned by knowing that fires in the Amazon rainforest has decreased over 906ooo of hectares of it !


The history of the amazon rainforest is much simple but interesting to know. According to BBC’s unnatural histories, precented evidenced that the Amazonia forest or the amazon rainforest rather than being a pristile wilderness has been saved by the mankind for almost 11000 years ago through aractises such as gardening and tetra preta.

 More over the amazon rainforest was discovered in the year of 1502. It was discovered at the rule of Henry VII , the first son of the House Of  Tudor. It was believed that the amazon rainforest had got its name “amazon” due to the conflict between Francisco de Orillana and a native amazon tribe known as Tapuyes. This is how the amazon rainforest was discovered and named.


The Amazonia or the amazon rainforest has the great bio-diversity  itself and was formed a long time ago. You will be amazed by knowing that the amazon forest was likely to formed during the Eocene Era (in-between 56 million years-33.9 million years ago). The amazon river plays a major character for the formation of the amazon rainforest.

It has been found that at once , the amazon river did flow west ward, perhaps as part of a Protocongo (Zaire) river system from the interior of present day in Africa when all the continents were tent to be joined as the part of Gondwana. 

At that time, the Andes were also formed due to the collision of the South American plate with the Nazca plate. Due to the rise of Andes and the linkage of Brazilian and Guyana bedrock shields, blocked the river and made the amazon as a huge inland sea.

Afterwards this huge inland sea held the structure of a massive swampy, fresh water lake and the marine inhabitants adopted to live in this fresh water lake. In this way the great amazon river was formed.

After the formation of amazon river the waters worked through the sand stone to the west. Due to this the amazon river began to flow in east ward. By this east ward moment and fresh water of the amazon river the rain forest came to existence.

 Also the hot and rainy climate of that region helped the amazon rainforest to become thick and deep. And this happened about 10 million years ago. This is how the amazon rainforest is formed where is the amazon river located.


Through this above data you can clearly imagine that how old the amazon rainforest is and how long its been serving the world. According to live science the amazon rainforest is home to 10% of animals and plants on the earth. These Amazonia rainforest is huge that it spans its region in almost eight rapidly developing countries. 

These countries include Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Guiana, Suriname and also French Guiana. It contains one in ten known species in the world. It is also responsible for homing 40000 plant species, 3000 fresh water species and 370 types of reptiles.

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IMPORTANT FACT : Did you know that 20% of the earth’s oxygen is only produced by the Amazon rainforest ?

More over the animals in the amazon rainforest are much diversified in comparison to the other animals found on earth. These rare species include Jaguar, Golden lion tamarin, Gaint otters, The Uakari monkey, the amazon river dolphins, White cheeked spider monkey, Hyacinth Macaw and more animals that are not yet discovered.

After its Great biodiversity the amazon rainforest also has many important factors on earth’s climate. So, these are the only basic importance of the amazon rainforest. Its importance also include with human beings . We mankind are rapidly using the raw materials of the amazon rainforest for the economy and our consumption which is now causing deforestation.

Deforestation in the amazon rainforest has made a serious loss on earth. It has been estimated that almost 17% of the amazon rainforest has gone since while mankind started deforestation in this rainforest. You will be surprised by knowing that we are losing 137 plant, animal and insects species every single day. If you count it down then  will find that, we are being the culprit for the death of 50,000 species every year.

IMPORTANT FACT : Did you know that the Amazon alone is vanishing at a rate of 20,000 SQ. MILES every year ?

Cattle ranching has a significant role for the deforestation in the Amazonian rainforest. Only ranching cattle is being responsible for 70% of all the deforestation in the amazon rainforest.


The above discussions are all about the history of the amazon rainforest , the importance of amazon and the deforestation of the amazon rainforest. The history of the amazon rainforest reflects only one thing that it is impossible for human being to recreate it, if it ever disappears. 

The deforestation in the amazon rainforest had started in 1960, after then we have lost 7,50,000 sq. KM of it. It is now up to us to create a better world rather than destroying the amazon rainforest. The future is crystal clear without the amazon rainforest. So, what would you choose !!!