Through decades humans are becoming the threat for the world. By these years the rate of  pollution  is increasing by the human constructed activities. The air pollution has so many hazardous side effects including the Acid Rain. Acid rain is one of the vital danger to the world which is increasing it’s effects like a slow poison. So, what do these effects include? and mainly What are the effects of Acid Rain on the plants ?Let’s find them out.

Have you ever thought yourself to be in a world having no trees ?Well, that’s a terrible idea to do and it also seems impossible. But the toughest thing is to accept that the world is going to see this disaster. The forest are disappearing from the world with an alarming speed for deforestation and other issues including various natural disasters, calamities and also the acid rain.

Acid rain does many harm to our environment including plants. The effects of acid rain on plants are so damaging and make a huge impact on us. So, before knowing the effects of acid rain on plants you must be informed about What is acid rain? 

Important Fact – You will be surprised to know that, In 2019 the world was hit by 308 natural disasters and 77%of them were related to climate or weather. These disasters were responsible for the death of almost 24,400 people.


You must have heard about the term of acid rain. The term acid rain does not refers to the falling of pure acids from sky just like an usual rainfall. Acid rain is the mixture of some components with water vapors which are acidic in nature.  

Mainly the normal pH of water that all the living the organism including plants are habituated to consume tends in between 6.5 to 8.5. This pH value indicates that the normal water is  neutral and  just alkaline in nature. But, when the rain combines with components such as sulfur dioxide an nitrogen oxide it’s pH value decreases to 4.0 and becomes acidic in nature.


You are already known that all living organism on earth including all the plants directly depend upon water. We all consume the water which have it’s pH value in between 6.5 to 8.5. The plants the ultimate treasure of earth has the pH value in between 5.5 to 7.5. As the pH of acid rain tends to 4.0 it does harm to the plant species. This is why effects of acid rain on plants should be a headache for all of us. But how does acid rain does harm to the plants ? 

Read the following data to find out the answer.

IMPOTANT FACT : Did you know that according to the current rate of deforestation in the year of 2100 the earth will be run out of all it’s rain forest ? 

Plants depend on the groundwater for the process of photosynthesis. By this process the plants are able to survive But when acid rain occurs the soil soaks these acidified water hence making difficulties on plant body. The acid rain affects the compositions of soil water which is the vital medium of nutrients supply for plant and other vegetative bodies.


When plants soaks these acidified water they make their entry into the tissues of the plant. Mainly these toxic water make its passage into the leaf tissue and produce many effects on the process of the photosynthesis and more.

Acid rain also causes difficulties on the growth of the plant body such as :- Stimulating abnormalities in metabolism in plant , photosynthesis and mainly nitrogen and sulfur metabolism. 

The stimulated acid rain is not only responsible for changing the physical and chemical properties of soil but also make toxic the water bodies situated on the open ground surfaces. These ground water is gradually soaked by the soil and make difficulties for the plants to penetrate their root into the soil.

Acid rain also has a huge impact on the nutrients of the soil such as magnesium and calcium. the plants mostly depend on these two nutrients to become healthy. 

But when acid rain occurs the soil absorbs the harmful acidic components and make troubles in the composition of soil nutrients mostly in the composition of magnesium and calcium. So, these are the effects of acid rain on the plant.


As you know we don’t have any second option for us beyond the earth till now. The essence of plants are more over us as they have been serving the world with all their efforts. 

You also must be aware of one thing that there will be no life on earth without trees and if there would be, there will be no scenetic beauty as you see now for the plants. So try to take preventions to stop acid rain by stopping air pollution.  Its high time for us to go green and let the earth to be free from pollution and even acid rain.