Human constructed activities are responsible for the hazardous situation that we are now seeing on earth. This perilous global crisis includes Air pollution, Water pollution, Soil pollution and many more. These are the primary factors which brings more uncertain global risky factors.

As to example the Air pollution which is a menacing global crisis also brings Depletion of Ozone, Global warming, Poor oxygenation and also Acid Rain. So, human activities are responsible for the reason behind of how acid rain is formed. To know the reason behind formation of acid rain you need to be informed about what is acid rain.


Acid Rain is a consequence of air pollution which is responsible for increasing the complication of global crisis and environmental changes. It is a rain or any precipitation such as dazzle, hailstone, snow, ice crystals that is unusually acidic in nature.

The pH of normal water is 7 which is neutral. As to the rain the pH rate tends to 5.0 to 5.5 which is not much acidic in nature. But as to the acid rain the pH value tends to 4.0 which is acidic in nature and the consumption of this water is harmful towards the environment, animals, plants and also for humans.


Air pollution is increasing  brisk speed due to the growing industrial emission, vehicle exhaust, volcanic eruption, forest fire.

 Mainly the  expanding industrial emission, vehicle emission are responsible for the deadly air pollution, because it releases deadly gases including Carbone Monoxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides and many other toxic gases. Vehicular emission is so dangerous as it requires burning of fossil fuels like petroleum products, coal and natural gases that liberate most of the carbon monoxide.

 Forest fire vehicular exhaust, industrial emission and other human activities liberate number of oxides of nitrogen, Sulphur dioxide and chlorine into the atmosphere. 

This toxic gases mix and react with the atmospheric water vapor and are turned into form of many constituent acids including nitric acid (HNO3), sulphuric acid(H2SO4), and Carbonic acid(H2CO3). These acids fall on the ground in the form of rain and this phenomenon is known as Acid Rain.

Acid Rain is a dangerous ingredient of air pollution which is enough to affect our surroundings. Acid rain has so many effects on both nature  and human beings which are discussed below.


Almost all the elevated pollution have direct impact on the environment. The effect of acid rain on environment leads to many serious difficulties. Forest which is one of the main constituent of environment get extremely harmed due to the acid rain.

 Acid rain has a high impact on thee nutrients of soil including Magnesium, and  Calcium. Plants depend upon these nutrients to become healthy. 

Due to acid rain the soil or grounds seeps the acids which damages the balance of these nutrients causing a high demerit on forest.


Animals are essential for us. If there were no animals in the forest then the forest would disappear due to lack of Carbon Dioxide. And if the forest disappears then all life on earth will eventually disappears.

 The value of animals is so important but they are also influenced Acid Rain. The animals directly consume the acidic water stored in the water bodies in the forest. Consumption of this water may lead to many health issue of the animals. 

Acid Rain also takes a major part for the loss of bio diversity in aquatic species. The combination of acidic water with normal water makes the water more toxic and harmful for the aquatic animals and plants.


Acid Rain do not have much effect on human health. Swimming in a Acid Rain affected lake is no more dangerous for humans than swimming in a non acidic lake. But the pollutants like sulphate, nitrate particles which cause acid rain can be harmful to human health. 

These pollutants react with the atmosphere that we inhale into our lungs. Many scientific studies have concluded that consumption of these particle can lead to have effects in heart function resulting in heart attack.

Though Acid Rain has some less impacts on human health but it is responsible for damaging buildings, historical monuments and statues made of limestone, rocks and marble constructed by mankind. 

Taj Mahal one of the 7 wonders in the world is facing the effects of acid rain. Taj Mahal is made of gorgeous white marbles on it. The acid rain is corroding and yellowing the marbles of it. The Thomas Jefferson Memorial in Washington D.C.  is also affected because of acid rain.

Acid Rain can be controlled by controlling the rate of air pollution. It can also be diminished by using fewer natural oil and petroleum.

 The preventions to eradicate  acid rain are much easy to do now, but if we do not take any measure steps then it will become more complicated than we ever imagined.  

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