1. Mohan Das Karam Chand Gandhi was born in Porbander on –

2 October,1869

2.What was Gandhi’s nickname ?

ans-Manu or Moniya

3.Who was the mother of Mahatma Gandhi ?

ans-Putuli Bai

4.Who was the father of Mahatama Gandhi ?

ans-Karam Chand Gandhi

5.What was Gandhiji’s age When he got married to Kasturaba ?

ans-13 Years


6.Who was the political Guru of   Mahatama Gandhi ?

ans-Gopala Krishna Gokhle

7.Who was the spiritual teachers of  Mahatama Gandhi ?

ans-Leo Tolstoy

8.The idea of Grama Swaraj was first proposed by whom ?

ans- Mahatma Gandhi

9.Who called Gandhiji as “Father of nation” for the first time ?

ans-Subhas Chandra Bose

10. Mahatma Gandhi was referred to as the ” Mahatma”  first by –

ans-Rabindranath Tagore

11.Who called  Mahatama Gandhi as “half naked beggar” ?

ans-Winston Churchill

12.What was the meaning of Swaraj ?

ans-Self-Governance or Self-rule

13.Who was the founder of the concept “sarvodaya” ?

ans- Mahatama Gandhi

14.Which book was written by  Mahatma Gandhi ?

ans-Hind Swaraj 1909 and My Experiment with truth 1927

15.What was the period that referred in Gandhi’s Autobiography –


16.In which language Gandhiji wrote his autobiography ?


17.Who translated  Mahatma Gandhi’s autobiography into English ?

ans-Mahadev Desai

18.When was  Mahatma Gandhi graduate in law –

ans-In 1891 (Law from university of London)

19.Where did  Mahatma Gandhi spend his time during 1893-1914 –


20.When and where was  Mahatma Gandhi took a step on ‘Stayagrah’-

ans-1907 in South Africa,first protest against the Asiatic ordinance

21.When was  Mahatma Gandhi returned to India –

ans-January 9,1915

22.Which national organization did  Mahatma Gandhi join after coming back to India –

ans-Indian National Congress

23.Which Satyagraha was the first to be started by  Mahatma Gandhi in India –

ans-Champaran Satyagraha in 1917

24.Which Satyagrah was the second to be started by  Mahatma Gandhi in India ?

ans-Ahmadabad Mill Strike (First hunger strike)

25.Which was the 3rd satyagrah started by  Mahatma Gandhi in India ?

ans-Kheda Satyagrah in 1918

26.When First non-Cooperation movement was started by  Mahatma Gandhi ?

ans-In September,1920

27.When Chauri Chaura incident took place in Gorakhpur  during the non-cooperation movement ?

ans-On 5th February .1922

28.Why did  Mahatma Gandhi withdraw the non-Cooperation movement ?

ans-Due to Chauri Chaura incident

29. Mahatma Gandhi become the president of Indian National Congress in –

ans-1924 at the Belgaum session

30.How many times  Mahatma Gandhi become the president of INC ?


31. Gandhiji organized ‘Dandi March’ on which date ?

ans-12th March 1930

32.Why Gandhiji organized Dandi March ?

ans-Imposition of tax on Salt

33.Dandi March was led by from which place ?

ans-Sabaramati Ashram to Dandi (A village on the Gujarat sea cost)

34.How many followers accompanied in Dandi March ?


35.The famous movement launched by Gandhiji to break salt law as –

ans-Civil Disobedience movement

36.In which round table conferences was attended by Mahatma Gandhi ?


37.Who was the founder of all India Harijan Sabha ?

ans-Mahatma Gandhi (1932)

38.Mahatma Gandhi gave the call to reject foreign goods during the –

ans-Swadesi Movement

39.’Quit India resolution’ was passed on –

ans-8th August

40.’Quit India Movement’ was started on-

ans-9th August

41.Who gave the call “DO or DIE” –

ans-Mahatma Gandhi

42.In which satyagrah movement of Mahatma Gandhi women participate most –

ans-Quit India

44.What was Gandhi’s last word ?

ans-Hey Ram

45.On the death of Gandhiji,Who said that ‘The Light has gone out lives ‘-

ans-Jawaharlal Nehru

46.Who killed Mahatma Gandhi ?

ans-Nathuram Godse

47.When was Mahatma Gandhi killed ?

ans-30th January,1948

48.Which country did Mrs.Annie Besant belong to ?


49.Who was founder of scout movement ?

ans-Annie Besnat

50.Who was founder of the Indian Woman’s association in 1917 ?

ans-Annie Besant

51.Where did Annie Besant started Home rule movement ?


52.In which session Annie Besant  was elected as president of Indian National Congress ?

ans-Calcutta Session (1917)

53.Who was the founder of Central Hindu School and College in Banaras ?

ans-Annie Besant 

54.The young man’s India Association in 1914 was started by whom ?

ans-Annie Besant 

55.Which newspaper  was established by Annie Besant  ?

ans-New India and Commonwealth

56.Bal Gangadhar Tilak was born on –

ans-23rd July 1856

57.To whom we say Lokamanya ?

ans-Bal Gangadhar Tilak

58.Who established new English School at Poona ?

ans-Bal Gangadhar Tilak