1.The Delhi sultanate during whose period Bahamani kingdom was established in Deccan –

Ans-Muhammad Bin Tughluq

2.Who established the Bahamani kingdom ?

Ans-Ala-Ud-Din Hasan Gangu

3.Bahamani kingdom was established –

Ans-1347 AD

4.What was the capital of Bahamani kingdom ?


5.What was the time period of Bahamani kingdom ?

Ans-1347-1527 AD



6.What was the period of rule of  Ala-Ud-Din Hasan Bahaman shah ?

Ans-1347-1358 AD

7.What was the time period of rule of Muhammad Shah I ?

Ans-1358-1375 AD

8.What was the time period of rule of Mujahid Shah ?

Ans-1375-1378 AD

9.What was the time period of rule of Muhammad Shah II ?

Ans-1378-1397 AD

10.Which Sultan period was free from war ?

Ans-Muhammad Shah II

11.The Sultan who regarded as second Aristotle ?

Ans-Muhammad Shah II

12.What was the period of rule Firoz Shah ?

ans-1397-1422 AD

13.The Bahamani Sultan who built city of Firozabad on the bank of Bhima river ?

Ans-Firoz Shah

14.Bahamani and Vijayanagar conflict started during the period of –

Ans-Firoz Shah

15.Who defeated Hara Hara-II of Vijayanagar with the help of Pedakomati Vema Reddy ?

Ans-Firoz Shah

16.What was the time period rule of Ahmad Shah –

Ans-1422-1436 AD

17.The capital of Bahamani was shifted to which place ?


18.Bidar become the capital of Bahamani’s in which year ?

Ans-1429 AD

19.Which Bahamani Sultan shifted his capital from Gulberg to Bidar ?

Ans-Ahmad Shah

20.What was the time period of rule of Allauddin-II –

Ans-1436-1458 AD

21.What was the period of rule of Humayun ?

Ans-1458-1461 AD

22.What was the period of rule of Nizam Shah ?

Ans-1461-1482 AD

23.What was the period of rule of Mahmud Shah III ?

Ans-1463-1482 AD

24.Mahmud Gawan  became the prime minister during the reign –

Ans-Mahmud Shah III

25.The Sultan who gave the title of Malik-Ul-Tajkar to Mahmud Gawan –

Ans-Mahmud Shah III

26.What was the period of rule of Kalim Ullah Shah ?

Ans-1524-1527 AD

27.Who was the last ruler of Bahamani Kingdom ?

Ans-Kalim Ullah Shah

28.Who was the greatest ruler of Bahamani Kingdom ?

Ans-Firoz Shah and Mahmmud Shah III

29.How many sultan ruled Bahamani Kingdom ?


30.”Bahamani Nama” was written by whom ?


31.Who was known as Abla Baba ?

Ans-Ibrahim Adil Shah

32.Who was known as Jagatguru Badshah ?

Ans-Ibrahim Adil Shah

33.Who founded the city of Nauraspur ?

Ans-Ibrahim Adil Shah

34.Who built Jhanjhri and Kali Masjid –

Ans-Ibrahim Adil Shah

35.Who built Gol Gumbaz ?

Ans-Muhmmad Adil Shah

36.Who built the famous Golkuond Fort and made it his capital ?

Ans-Quli-Qutub Shah

37.Who founded the city of Hydrabad ?

Ans-Muhmmad Quli-Qutub Shah

38Who built Charminar ?

Ans-Muhmmad Quli-Qutub Shah