The outer atmosphere of Earth is a layer having different gases. This layer of different gases is known as Air. Without air we can not imagine any living organism. Air is not only important for living organism but also for plants. Air is vital for all of the substances of life on Earth because all living organisms and plants depend upon oxygen and carbon dioxide respectively.

      The pure air generally is a mixture of different gases. These gases include approximately 78 percent of Nitrogen and 21 percent of oxygen. It also has small amount of lots of other gases including carbon dioxide,Neon,Hydrogen etc. As long as this percentages of air are controlled the air is known as pure but if this percentage are changed or any harmful chemicals, gases are introduced in it then air is called as contaminated or polluted.

      Inhalation of air is very important to us. this is so important to us that we breathe the air which is being contaminated. Air is called polluted or contaminated when harmful gases are exposed to it. The pure gas which was free of germs and chemicals gets polluted due these unwanted things. these unwanted things or chemicals come from the smoke of industries vesicles, burning of crops, household.

      As due to growing population these pollution making things are increasing. Deadly gases are such as Nitrogen Oxides, Sulfur Dioxide, Ozone are exposed to air in Avery vast amount. These deadly gases get mix in the air within a few minutes. Even though we can not see it or ignore it but this polluted air is a slow poison to us and also to the innocent animals.

      Industry and factory are the main cause behind the air pollution. A huge amount of coal and natural gases are burnt daily to produce heat in industries. Due to the burning of coal and natural gases deadly gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide are produced. Industry and Electrical generating factories are responsible for contributing more than 50 percent of greenhouse gases into air.

      Household air pollution is a another reason behind such kind of contaminated air. Around 3 million people cook using solid fuels including Wood, Crop wastes, Coal and Dung. These indoor air pollution include Asbestos, Biological pollutants, CO,  Formaldehyde, lead, etc which are extremely bad for human health By consumption of these indoor gases around 3.8 million people die every year.

      Vehicle emission is a another problem for air which growing day by day. Vehicle such as cars and motor bikes emit pollutants when petrol and diesel are burnt. These pollutants include deadly gases. Carbon Monoxide is widely produced when the fuel does not born completely. It is found that a typical passenger vehicle emits about 4.6 metric ton of carbon dioxide per year. Isn’t much for us to fell ill ?

     Not only carbon dioxide the vehicle are also responsible for producing Nitrous oxide and Methane.
Other factors behind the air pollution are deforestation, smoking, farming and chemicals and crop burning.

      Due to these reasons air pollution has reached on its top. Air pollution is now one of the greatest threat to mankind but yet we are ignoring it. Air pollution is responsible for 7 million deaths per year all over the world WHO data shows that 9 out of 10 people breath air containing high level of pollutants. Air pollution is attributed to 9% of death globally.

      Air pollution still has not come to its end. Many countries are on race for leading Air pollution rate. These countries are ranked as ten most polluted countries in the world for their worst air condition.

  • Bangladesh
  • Pakistan
  • Mongolia
  • Afghanistan
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Bahrain
  • Nepal
  • Uzbekistan
  • Iraq  


       Bangladesh has been being named as worlds most polluted country. Bangladesh air condition is very unhealthy having the average concentration of PM 2.5 of 79 ug/m3. Bangladesh  is home to 166 million people . Due to this vast population deforestation, industrialization, amount of vehicle are growing day by day. Due to the increase of industrial emission, Vehicle emission have become great issues for the air condition of Bangladesh.

        These are the 2 basic reasons behind this killing air pollution. This deadly emissions mostly concentrated in the cities of Bangladesh. Brick making kilns mainly in dry seasons is responsible for imputing dust particles in air. Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh is one of the most polluted cities in the world having pollution index 93.37.According to a new study on global air pollution it was found that 123000 people died in Bangladesh for unhealthy air condition in 2017.


        Pakistan has become  the 2nd most polluted country in the world. The increase in pollution rate is now headache to the Govt. of Pakistan. Pakistan  has a very unhealthy air condition having the average concentration of PM 2.5 of 101ug/m3.The main cause behind the air pollution in Pakistan is due to inefficient use of energy.
       Another cause of air pollution in Pakistan is its growing population. As to the growing population their is a vast increase in the  vehicle emissions. Unregulated industrial emission and the boning of garbage and plastic have contributed the most to air pollution in urban areas. Bahawalpur is the most polluted city of Pakistan having the pollution index 164.135000 people die in Pakistan  due to the consumption of bad air in every year.


        3rd most polluted country in the world is Mongolia. The pollution index of Mongolia is 92.03 and the average concentration of PM 2.5 is 64ug/m3.The indoor air pollution is mostly responsible for increasing rate of pollution in Mongolia. As Mongolia is very cold in winter the temperature averages below 0 from November to March. For these on bearable cold Mongolians need a lot energy for heating in addition to the energy also for cooking.

       For these reason coal and other biomass such as Wood, crop etc are burnt in a massive amount, thus causing air pollution in Mongolia. Ulaanbaatar is ranked as most polluted city in Mongolia.46% of Mongolians population resits in Ulaanbatar.  To reduce the amount of the air pollution the Govt. of Mongolia is going to introduce a coal burning ban in Ulaanbaatar.


Afghanistan is on 4th number on this list. Pollution index of Afghanistan is very high and the average concentration of PM 2.5 of 84 ug/m3. The air condition of Afghanistan is very contaminated and unhealthy to live. The atmosphere of this country gets highly polluted due to many small sources.

These small sources include burning of poor quality fuel, people burning trash, small scale smelting plant and also industrial brick kilns. A huge amount of pollutant also comes from many bakeries, restaurants, wedding hall and also from household cooking stoves.

Due to the increase of this small sources the pollution of Afghanistan has come this mounting level. Kabul the capital of Afghanistan’s considered as the most polluted city of Afghanistan. This pollution level of Afghanistan is so high and deadly that many people die due to respiratory disorder.

It is estimated that 27000 deaths are due to HAP (Hazardous Air Pollutant),11000 deaths due to outdoor air pollution,3000 deaths are due smoke every year in Afghanistan.


India is the worlds 5th most polluted country having the average concentration of PM 2.5 of 59 ug/m3. According to WHO report 21 out of the world’s 30 most contaminated and worst air quality cities are in India. Ghaziabad a city of India is the world’s most polluted city.

To control this massive pollution a law was implemented in 1981.But this law could not work properly to control air pollution. India’s air is becoming deadly due to burning of fossil fuel, industrial emission, deforestation, vehicle emissions.

The major causes of air pollution in India crop burning and Diwali fireworks. It has found that 51% of pollution is due to industrial pollution,27% of pollution is due to vehicles,17% of pollution is due to crop burning and 5% of pollution is due to Diwali fireworks in India.
Severe air pollution in Delhi has resulted an effect on Taj Mahal. Taj Mahal one of the 7 wonders of the world is well known for its marvelous pure white colour. Due to industrial air pollution and other activities in Delhi the colour of Taj Mahal has faded.

This happened as to the presence of excess carbon and dust particles in the atmosphere of Agra. Air pollution has become a very serious health issue in India. According to the states of India’s environment reports air pollution is responsible for 12.5% of all deaths in India.


Indonesia has crowned itself as 6th most polluted country in the world. Average concentration of PM 2.5 and the pollution index of Indonesia are much high. From 1998 to 2016 Indonesia has gone through a wide journey from one cleaner country to one of the most polluted country in the world.

As to the data it is found that the pollution level of Indonesia has raised 171%.Mass media blamed to the private transportation such as cars and motorcycles for the deadly and unhealthy air pollution.

Industrial activities also are responsible for the air pollution in Indonesia. Jakarta the capital of Indonesia is the most polluted city out their. The PM (particulate matter) of Jakarta scores over 200 which indicates that the air quality of Jakarta is very unhealthy. The air pollution is now increase in the health problem mainly respiratory disorders of the population of Jakarta.


Bahrain the 23rd richest country, is now being known by 7th most polluted country in the world. The pollution Index of Bahrain is very high having the average concentration of PM of 2.5 is 71 ug/m3. This high pollution index and average concentration of 2.5 indicates the poor air quality of Bahrain.

The poor air quality Bahrain is due to industrial pollution and sand storms. Other major reasons behind this pollution rate are increase rate of private cars transportation and fertilizer manufacturing. Other reasons behind air pollution includes emissions from oil refineries, power stations, fueled power transportation and high use of chemical compounds. As to the reasons the air quality of Bahrain is now considered as unsafe to consumption for both human and  animals.
Manama a city of Bahrain is considered as the most polluted city out there.


Nepal is the 8th most polluted country of the world. The pollution index of Nepal is high and the average concentration of 2.5 of Nepal is 54.15ug/m3.Nepal is also 49th most populated country in the world which is home to 29136808 people.

For over population there is sudden pressure on environment causing deforestation and air pollution. Uncontrolled vehicle emissions, high dust level, industrial emission and forest fire are the reasons behind the  high air pollution in Nepal. Kathmandu the capital city of Nepal is considered as one of the most polluted cities in Asia.

The toxic air quality of Kathmandu causes major health problems of the locals. Almost 80% of vehicles are on road causing daily air pollution in Kathmandu. About 35000 people die every year from illness caused by air pollution.


Uzbekistan is the 9th most polluted country in the world. The average US air quality index of Uzbekistan is 115 which indicates the poor air quality of this country. The air quality of Uzbekistan is unhealthy for sensitive groups. This pollutes air is due to dust storms and burning of wastes at a high amount. The mining, oil and gas industries are much responsible for the poor air quality of this country.

The vehicle emissions took a part for making the unhealthy air quality more worse. Current data indicates that Tashkent, Farghona and Olmaliq are cities with a high air pollution in this country.

10.IRAQ :

Iraq is on 10th position on this list for having an unsafe air condition out there. In accordance to recent data Iraq’s annual mean concentration of PM 2.5 is 62 ug/m3. Which exceeds the recommended maximum of 10 ug/m3.

Iraq is now facing many severe environmental issues including poor water quality, soil salinity, air pollution. But the pollution of air is raising day by day which is a silent minac out there. Air quality in Iraq has been being considered as unsafe to breath. The main causes of this poor air quality are vehicle emission, power generators. Other reasons are small fire specially from oil and gas refineries and war induced pollution.