First World War which started at 1914 and lasted for four years was the first war in the human history that can be known as the most dangerous, strongest and epic which coasted  the death rate of 20 million people.
This war totally annihilated political, social ,economical footing of the countries which participated in this, and also who did not participated in this thrilling war.


Not only the military force but also the innocent ordinary people were forced to took part in this war. As because in that time it’s all about their nationality issues for which they came forward to fight for their countries.
As everyone was involved in this war so this war was designated as world war. After. After 20 years of World War another World  War came into human history therefore, It is called as World War I.

In the below paragraph we are going to learn about the 12 important causes of world war I.


German chancellor Otto Von Bismarck had started this diplomatic covenant.
In 1870s Sedan war ,France was defeated by Germany.

As France got defeated by Germany so France had to make a treaty with Germany. This treaty was named as “Treaty of Frankfurt”. 

According to treaty France had to give two province to Germany. As the result Germany took Alsace and Lorraine from France.

Afterwards France wanted a revenge from Germany for its disgraceful lost in war. France also wanted to recover its two province Alsace and Lorraine
Bismarck started a convenient provisions to corner France in Europe. At first Bismarck united the Emperors of “Germany”, “Austria”, “Russia” and made three emperor league.

But in 1978 Berlin general assembly Bismarck supported the entrance of Austria in “Balkan”. This made Russia much disappointed. So this made a bad impression in the relationship between Austria and Russia.

In 1879 Bismarck made an agreement with Austria. In 1882 Italy also joined this agreement. By the joining of Italy in this agreement the “triple Alliance” was formed.
In 1890 after the death of Otto Von Bismarck there was a huge change in Europe politics came in front of the world. Russia and France were able to make a good relationship with each other. 

In 1894 they both signed by defense treaty  and military treaty. By this way there were two huge league named as “Triple Alliance” and “Double Alliance”.

This two league were totally against of each other. In this aggressive situation England did not joined in any of this league.

Germany Kaiser William II made his aggressive polices tow domain all over the world. This made England to leave its impartial principle.

This is why England was forced to sign in the treaty with Japan ,France and Russia. England signed treaty with Japan in 1902 ,with France in 1904 and with Russia in 1907.
As a result a “Triple Entente” was made in between England Russia and France. The enmity between this two huge league became a vital reason for World War I

 so this was the first cause of world war I among the 12 vital causes of world war I. In the next paragraph we are going to discuss about the second cause of world war I and how nationalism become a very important term in this war.


During the 19th century there was a sudden development in nationalism started in almost every country .
Although nationalism is a brilliant way to develop the mindset of the civilian and the way of life but in 19th century nationalism became a very crucial reason towards the World War I.
Many nations having aggressive nationalism only thought about the development of their countries people etc.
Due to this reason they started jealous ,spite and competition towards the citizens of other countries. This aggressive nationalism happened in developed countries in Europe continent.
Many large and developed countries of Europe thought themselves excel in comparison to others.
Due to this reason the citizens of one nation were forced to think jealous towards the other citizens of other nations. The  citizens and Govt. of Germany were much out growth for nationalism that they declared Germany as the greatest and superior country in the world.
This type of nationalism made animosity and aggressiveness between Germany and England. This animosity between this two developed country became a huge reason for World War I.


Due to aggressive nationalism almost every country in Europe started to emperor themselves. To empower themselves they started to increase their military force. The competition of martial power started in almost every country of Europe. 
At first the countries of Europe started to increase their infantry and navy forces. Every nation kept a sleuth system to get secret information of other nation.
In 1890,Germany declared that they had increased their navy force more than England.


Due to this the rivalry ,animosity sentiment started in England and Germany. At that time there were many invention of armaments took place  in the countries of Europe.
By this inversions the countries of Europe began to ready for the war. So in this way  the martial competition lead the cause of World War I.


Many problems were raised in European countries after the increase of Industrial revolution. By the Industrial revolution there were machines introduced in market instead of labor.  

Due to this revolution the competition between the European countries became more critical and rigid. All of the European countries wanted to be superior than others.

Many European countries wanted to be moneyed by this revolution. A huge amount of raw material was needed to get more production.

European countries started to invent more countries out of European to get more raw material and for  better market to sale their products. 

That’s why Europeans dominated under developed continents like Asia and Africa to get more economy. 

Along with economical dominance they also colonize to get political dominance. This type of colonialism increased enmity in between the European countries.
Otto Von Bismarck was totally against of colonialism. But Kaiser William II accepted the principle of colonialism. 

At that time France and European had already under controlled many places of Asia and Africa for trade turnover. 

For this vital reason Germany and Italy had to search other places for trade turnover. This was the reason for the competition of uncalled colonialism.

This type of uncalled colonialism gave birth to the massive problem of World War I named as imperialism policy.

England thought that by colonialism Germany could become more powerful  than England. As a result the relationship between England and Germany became more critical and complicated.
In 1907 ,England joined with France to corner Germany from Colonialism. This imperialism became a remote for World War I.


After Berlin general assembly 1878 ,Germany was able to make a good relationship with Turkey. It was due to the reason that England was very frustrated for international trade. Kaiser William II gave reaffirm to Turkey’s sultan that Germany was a good friend to Turkey.


Actual reason behind the relationship between Turkey and Germany was something else. Germany wanted to make a railway track between Berlin and Baghdad so that Germany could increase its economic strength.
England was not in support of making the railway track between Berlin and Baghdad. England explained that if there would be railway track in between Berlin and Baghdad then it will harm the British rule in India and other places in Asia.

This project of Germany would also harm the dominance of France in Serbia. As Russia was a good friend of France ,and France did not support this project so Russia also went against of this project of Germany.

For this reason Germany got disappointed against of France ,Russia and England.


In 1904 France wanted to dominate Morocco. At that time Morocco was a free nation. Every European countries wanted to rule over Morocco due to its Geographical situation and abundance of  Iron .

Other nations such as Spain, Germany and Italy also wanted to dominate Morocco .But France suddenly entered in Morocco and spanned it’s economic and monetary power.

Due to this behavior of France Germany Kaiser started to protest the monetary and economic power of France in Morocco.  

In 1905 Kaiser went to Tangier city of Morocco and announced that Germany would give the protection to the Sultan of Morocco.

He also announced that he would help to protect the dominion of Morocco.
Due to the interruption of Germany Kaiser the French got furious.

According to the proposal of Sultan in 1906 on the assembly of Algeciras it was  concluded that France can enjoy some economic opportunities of Morocco ,but France can not have the opportunity to domain over Morocco.
By this conclusion France was not able to cover Morocco. For this reason the relationship between Germany and France became more rancor.


France send soldiers to Morocco by pretending to repress the unrest in the internal Morocco. But according to the assembly of Algeciras, France was refuse to interrupt in Morocco’s administration.

By the interruption of France in Morocco, Germany send a warfare sailor (panther) to threat France. As England and France had a good relationship at that time so England supported France for this matter.

But Kaiser was convinced to compress this contention by peace ability. 

By Agadir crisis it was proved that France and England were ready to call a war against Germany. Due to this reason Kaiser was also ready for the war.


The zonal quarrel in between Austria, Serbia and Austria, Russia made huddle for Balkan. Austria and Russia made quarrel with each other to domain in Balkan.
At that time Austria had the good relationship with Germany and Russia had good relationship with England and France. 

As both Austria and Russia had the support of powerful nations so none of them stepped out from this quarrel.

After Agadir crisis there was a very aggressive condition in Balkan. Finally Balkan had to face war in 1912 and 1913.This zonal war became a spark to the World War I.


Kaiser Wilhelm II made an unstable principle by avoiding the Bismarck’s via media.
He said in many speech that he want to make Germany as the strongest nation in the world. Broadcasting was the main basis of Germany’s foreign policy.

Germany fully supported Austria against of Serbia for the quarrel of Balkan. He also connected this zonal quarrel against of France and England. For this minor reason World War I took one step ahead.


At the time of World War I, there was no international organization to parry the exertion the objective of war. Every European country was doing anything that was beneficial towards their nation and citizen without thinking the welfare of other countries.

In 1899 and 1907 there were many assembly in He to reduce the possibilities of war.

The assembly in He made many important rules to avoid the situation of war. But there were no particular extremism to force the countries to follow these rules.

So many nations didn’t accept these rules and again they were doing anything towards the favor of their own nation. Almost every nation prepared their own special rule and regulation to empower themselves without thinking about others.
So the absence of international organization became a major problem to forward the cause of World War I.


There was a very disgust and disturbing environment in whole Europe due to these above reasons. There was only one spark needed to start the War. The murder of the prince of Austria Francis Ferdinand gave fire to this war.

On 28th June 1914,the prince of Austria Archduke Francis Ferdinand and his wife were killed at Sarajevo. Although this was the murder in capital of Austria but the murderer were belonged to Serbia.

The murders also linked to a Serbia’s secret organization named “BLACK HAND ORGANIZATION”. Serbia was blamed and pointed out due to this reason.


Before the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, Austria had captured Bosnia and Herzegovina. 
After capturing these places, Austria blocked the entrance of Serbia by blocking the Alley of Adriatic sea. Due to this Austria and Serbia were having a awful relationship.

The murder of the prince of Austria gave a golden opportunity to Austria for a revenge. Germany also supported Austria for taking up its revenge.