A man who served America as it’s 16th  president. A man who did not let down America during its hardest time in civil war.

It was Abraham Lincoln Who made America stood in its sorrow. Abraham Lincoln was a self leam Lawyer .

You will be surprised to know that Lincoln taught himself law and passed through the Bar exam in the year of 1836.
The following years he moved to the newly named state capital of Springfield. For next few years, LINCOLN worked there as a lawyer and serving clients from individual residence of small towns to national railroad lines.


Abraham Lincoln, by name honest Abe, the Rail Splitter or the Great Emancipator. Born near Hodgenville. Thomas Lincoln moved with his family to Indiana.

 There, as a squatter on public land, he hastily up a “half faced camp”-a crude of logs and boughs with one side open to the weather.
In this one side open shelter the family lived holding each others hand behind a blazing fire. Very soon, Abraham Lincoln’s father built a permanent shelter or cabin.

Then he bought the land on which it stood. Thomas was a sturdy pioneer. His father married Nancy Hanks and they had three children : Sara , Abraham and Thomas-who died in infancy.

Lincoln’s mother died on 5th October 1818 due to milk sickness ,after 10 years later his sister died while giving birth to a stillborn child. He was very distraught over his sister’s death.
 After the death of Nancy his father brought another mother for his children. Her name was Sarah Bush Johnston Lincoln. She already had two girl and a boy child of her own.

Sara had the same love and affection for all the children. She treated all the children as of her own. She never tried to be a step mother.

Abraham Lincoln was very attached to her and mentioned her as his “Angel Mother”.
As Lincoln parents were illiterate completely. So,he got some formal education by himself. His parents support him morally. Once he said that” as a boy he had gone to school(by little)-a little now and a little then.

His entire schooling amounted to know more than one years attendance. His neighbor was recalled that how Lincoln used to walk for miles to borrow a book.
 According to Lincoln’s statement his early surrounding provided “absolutely nothing to boost ambition for education.”

When i came age I, didn’t know much about early education. But ,fortunately i could read ,write, and cipher to the rule of three. That was all he gained.

After this the young Lincoln did not got the chance to read more. But likely read a few book and that was “Parson weems”:-Life of memorable actions of George Washington ,with its story of little hatchet and the cherry tree.
“Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe

“John Bunyan’s pilgrim’s progress” and he also read the book of Aesop’s Fables. He absorbed all that these books. He had absorbed as much as he can. His family bought only the Bible and Abe was very familiar to this book. 

Lincoln’s family undertook another migration in march 1830.In this migration they went for Indiana to Illinois.

He started his own life at the age of 21.He was physically strong enough having the height of 6 Feet and 4 Inches.

 He was rawboned and lanky but he was also powerful. He himself got the mastery in mimic and story telling. As he was a gentleman, people readily attracted to him.
He had a back hood twang voice that manipulate the people to agree or to listen him. Lincoln became adept at using an ax.
Lincoln and some of his friends took goods by flatboat to New Orleans, Louisiana. Where he first exposed to slavery. Anna Rutledge was his first romantic attraction ,whom he met when he first moved to New Salem by 1835.

Anna died in August  on the same year due to typhoid fever. In 1840 ,Lincoln become engaged to “Mary Todd “.In 1844 they both bought a house in Springfield near Lincoln’s law office.
He was a very affectionate husband and father of four sons. Unfortunately only one son named Robert Lincoln survived till the maturity.

His other children were Edward Baker Lincoln, Willie Lincoln and Thomas Lincoln(4 April 1853-16 July 1871)


In 1832 ,Lincoln joined to his friend and bought a general store on credit in New Salem. Later, where he exposed the slavery.
He eventually sold his share for the booming economy at that time. In that March American Politics is going to have a new true countryman.

Who fought for enslavement ,For the development and to make America economically and politically independent. 
He was running for Illinois general assembly ,for improvement on the Sangamon river. Due to lack of formal education ,powerful friends and money he lost the election.

During the “Black Hawk War”


Lincoln’s served as a captain in Illinois militia .On his first speech he observed that one man from the crowd was ready to attack him, then he grabbed the attacker by his neck and seat of his trouser and snap him there. Though he received 277 votes out of 300 votes cost the New Salem’s precinct.

Lincoln served as New Salem’s postmaster and as a county

surveyor ,but he decided to become a Lawyer and he made his self study. Though he said “I HAVE STUDIED WITH NOBODY”

In the year of 1843 ,Lincoln second state house campaign was held. But this time as a Whig. Then he followed 4 terms in the Illinois house representative for Sangamon country.
Illinois and Michigan voted beyond the white landlords to all white males ,but adapted a “free soil”. He was strictly against of slavery.

In the year of 1837 he declined the institution of slavery is founded on both injustice and bad policy for all mankind ,but increase that abate its evils.
Lincoln admitted to Illinois bar in 1836 then he moved to Springfield and began the practice law under John T Stuart .Then in 1844 he began his practice with William Hedon.
Before it In the year of 1843 Lincoln sought in the whig nomination for Illinois seventh district seat in the US house of representative, but he was defeated by John J Hardin .

Lincoln pulled off strategy and again gained the nomination. In 1846 he won the election. He was assigned to
(i)committee on post office and post roads
(ii)Expenditure in the war department 
Lincoln was teamed with Joshua R. Giddings on a deal to abolish slavery from the district of Colombia.