1. Who was the last king of Nanda dynasty ?
ans- Dhana Nanda

2. Dhana Nanda was defeated by whom ?
ans- Chandraguta Maurya

3.Who was the first ruler of Maurya dynasty ?
ans- Chandragupta Maury

4. who helped Chanragupta maury to defeat Dhana Nanda ?
ans- Chankya

5. Which Dynasty ruled over Magadha after Nanda dynasty ?
ans- Maurya dynasty

6. Which dynasty was the oldest dynasty of India?
ans- Maurya dynasty

7. Who was the founder of Mauryan dynasty?
ans- Chandragupta Maurya

8. Chandragpta maurya was the follower of –
ans- Jainism

9.Who was the prime minister of Chandragupta Maurya ?
ans- Chanakya

10. What is the other name of “Chanakya” ?
ans- Kautilya

11. What is the childhood name of Chanakya ?
ans- Vishnugupta

12.”Arthashastra”was written by whom ?
ans- Chanakya

13.”Arthashastra”was written in which language ?
ans- Sanskrit

14.For which section Arthashastra deals with ?
ans- Political polices

15. Kautilya’s Arthashastra divided into how many adhikaranas ?
ans-15 adhikaranas

16.”Mudrarakshasa”was written by whom ?

17. Mudrarakshsa is subjected to which matter in ancient Indian play ?
ans-Intrigues at the royal court during the time of Chandragupta Maurya

18. What  was the capital of Chandragupta Maurya ?
ans- Pataliputra

19.Who was Seleucus Nictator ?
ans-Alexander’s General

20.Who become the King of Syria after the death of Alexander ?
ans- Seleucus Niktator

21.Who defeated Seleucus Nktator and when ?
ans- Chandragupta Maurya in 305 BC

22. At which place Seleucus was defeated ?
ans- at the river banks of Sindhu

23.How many elephants did Seleucus give to Chandragupta Maurya  ?
ans-500 Elephants

24. Seleucus’s Daughter was married to whom ?
ans- Chandragupta Maurya

25. Which scholar equated Chandragupta Maurya with the Greek reference to Sandrocotus ?
ans- William Jones

26.Who was the Ambassador of Seleucus in the court of Chandragupta Maurya ?
ans- Megasthenese

27. Megasthenese wrote “Indica”in which language ?
ans- Greek

28.What information does the book “Indica”provide about Chandragupta Maurya’s empire ?
ans-Political,social and economical conditions of Chandragupta Maurya’s dynasty

29. In how many classes Indian society was divided in “Indica”by Meghasthenese ?
ans- in seven classes

30.Which ruler was first conquered Malwa,Gujrat and Maharashtra ?
ans- Chandragupta Maurya

31.On which mountain Chandragupta Maurya ended his life by slow starvation ?
ans- Chandragiri Hill at Sravanbelgola

32. Who was the son of Chandragupta Maurya ?
ans- Bindusara

33.Who was known as “Amitraghat” ?
ans- Bindusara

34. By which name Bindusara was known to Greek ?

35. How many sons Bindusara had ?
ans-One hundered(100)sons

36. Bindusara was the follower of what ?
ans- Ajivika

37.Who was the governor of Taxila during the rule of Bindusara ?
ans- Susimat

38.Greek Ambassador Deimachos came in the court of?
ans- Bindusara

39. Who was the Father of “Ashoka” ?
ans- Bindusara

40. Who was the mother of Ashoka ?
ans- Subhadrangi

41.Who was the famous ruler of Maurya dynasty?
ans- Ashoka

42. Ashoka was also called himself as ?
ans-‘Devanampriya’ and ‘Priyadarshi’

43. What was the capital of Ashoka ?
ans- Patliputra

44. What was the court language of king Ashoka ?
ans- Prakrit

45. Ashoka conquered Kalinga in which time period ?
ans- 261 BC

46.Where did the Kalinga war take place ?
ans- Dhauli Hill near the Daya river in Odisha

47. After the war Ashoka adopted which Religion ?
ans– Buddhism

48. Ashoka was influenced by whom to follow Buddhism ?
ans- Upagupta

49.What was the name of his son and daughter ?
ans- Mahendra and Sanghamitra

50. Where did Ashoka send his son Mahendra and Sanghamitra for preaching Buddhism ?
ans- Sri lanka

51. Srinagar city was built by whom?
ans- King Ashoka

52. Most of the Ashoka edicts composed in which language ?
ans- Prakrit

53.Into how many parts the inscription of Ashoka are divided ?
ans-3 parts

54. what are they ?
ans- Rock edicts,Pillar edicts,Cave edicts

55. The total number of pillar were ?
ans- 13 

56. The total number of Rock edicts were ?
ans- 14

57.Which was the longest rock edict ?
ans- 13th rock edict

58. Sanchi stupa was constructed by whom and where?
ans-Ashoka,in Madhya pradesh

59.Who constructed Bharhut stupa ?
ans- Ashoka

60.Who constructed the Lion head Pillar