50 Easy GK Question on GUPTA DYNASTY


50 Easy GK Question on GUPTA DYNASTY

1.Who was the founder of Gupta Dynasty ?
Ans-Sri Gupta

2.Where was the capital of Sri Gupta ?

3.Who was the successor of Sri Gupta ?
Ans –Ghatotkachha

4.Who was the successor of Ghatotkachha ?
ans –Chandragupta I

5.Who was the great king of Gupta dynasty ?
ans –Chandragupta I

6.Gupta belongs to which caste ?
ans –Vaishya caste

7.Who was known as”MAHA RAJADHIRAJ”or”KING OF KINGS” ?
ans –Chandragupta I

8.To whom Chandra Gupta was married ?
ans –Lichchhavi princes Kumar Devi

9.Who was the founder of Gupta Era ?
ans-Chandragupta I

50 Easy GK Question on GUPTA DYNASTY

10.When was Gupta Era started ?
ans –320 AD

11.Who was the successor of Chandragupta I ?

12.Allahabad  pillar inscription ,written by Harisena , describes about home ?
ans – Samudragupta

13.In which language the Allahabad  pillar inscription are engraved ?
ans –Sanskrit

14.Who was the court poet of Samudragupta ?
ans –Harisena

15. Samudragupta was a worshiper of which God ?
ans –Vishnu

16. Who is known as”Kaviraja” ?
ans –Samudragupta

17.Who is the Nepolion of India ?
ans- Samudragupta

18.Which type of coins issued by Samudragupta ?
ans- Ashvaedha,Garud,Axe,Veena Vadan playing type

19.Which Gupta ruler was organised Aswamedha yagna ?
ans- Samudragupta

20.Which of the king is represent on his coins playing flute (veena) ?
ans- Samudragupta

21.Who was the successor of Samudragupta ?
ans- Chandragupta II

22.By which name Chandragipta II famous –
ans- Vikramaditya

23. By Which title Chandragupta II was famoused ?
ans- Vikramaditya,Deva gupta,Nerendra chandra sing Vikram etc.

24.Which type of coins issued by Chandragupta II ?
ans-Ashvarohi,chhatradhari,chakra-Vikram type

25.Who was the court poet of Chandragupta II ?
ans- Harisena

26.Who was the first Gupta ruler to issue silver coin ?
ans- Chandragupta II

27.Which ruler constructed the Iron pillar near the QUTB MINAR ?
ans- Chandragupta II

28.Which ruler of the Gupta period was associated with Iron pillar at Mehrauli ?
ans-Chandragupta II

29.Who were the galaxy of scholars in the court of Candragupta Vikramaditya known as “Navaratna” or “nine scholar” ?
ans-Amarasimha,Dhanvantari,Gatakarapara,Kshapanaka,kalidas,shanku,Varahmihir,Vararuchi and Vetal Bhatta

30.Who was Aryabhatta ?
ans- A great mathematician and astrologer and invented the decimal system and also invented “0”

31.By whom it was said “The earth moves around the sun” ?
ans- Aryabhatta

32.Who was known as the Indian “Shakespeare” ?

50 Easy GK Question on GUPTA DYNASTY

33.Who was the Ayurvedic  physician ,who lived during the reign of Chandragupta II ?
ans- Dhanavantri

34.During whose reign did the Chinese traveler Fa-Hien come to India ? 
ans- Chandragupta II

35.In which century Fa-Hien visited India ?
ans- 5th century AD

36.Who was the founder of Nalanda University ?
ans- Kumargupta I

37.Gupta dynasty was famous for –
ans- Art & Architecture

38.Which period is known as the “Golden Age”of Indian history ?
ans- Gupta period

39.The pillar at Mehrauli belong to –
ans- Gupta period

40.What was the capital of Gupta Empire ?
ans- Pataliputra

41.Gupta dynasty was followers of which Religion ?
ans-Hindu religion

42.Who was the successor of Kumaragupta ?

43.Which ruler of Gupta dynasty repaired “Sudarsana” lake for the second time ?

44.The gold coins of the Gupta period were known as –
ans- Dinars

45.The silver coins of Gupta period were known as –
ans- Rupayaakas 

46.In which period “The Ramayan” and “The Mhabharat” were composed ?-
ans- Gupta period

47. During which period “The Bhagvad Gita” and “The Panchatantra“were Written ?
ans- Gupta period

48.Who was the last ruler of Gupta dynasty ?
ans- Vishnugupta

50 Easy GK Question on GUPTA DYNASTY

49.What was the officia language during Gupta period ?
ans- Sanskrit

50. Who wrote “Mrichchakatikam” ?
ans- Sudraka